Friday, June 1, 2007

No more riding on flat tires and a hopeful job

So, for the past month I have been applying to a lot of jobs. One of the ones I applied to was Central Utah Clinic. I faxed my CV and resume and then called about a week later and left a message. I have since called a few more times and left messages... no one has called me back- very professional. I also applied to Comcast. I did this online and there wasn't a contact name or number. I was getting a little worried about it and all the numbers I had found to call was to a representative and they were no help at all.

Then today- Jon and I went on a bike ride. It was really exciting- we finally got an air pump so we're not riding on flats anymore (It's like riding on squares!). When we got home I found a message on my phone and Comcast had called with a contact name and number. I called back and... I HAVE AN INTERVIEW ON WEDNESDAY!!! I'm so excited. I hope that I have a chance. Pray for us! yay!!


Jon said...

But riding on square tires is such better was like we were riding on stationary bikes

Crystal said...

yeah... riding on rims was really fun. I tried to contain my excitement. That's why I went out and bought the pump. :-)

Clyde said...

We are praying for you Crystal. Good luck in the job search.