Thursday, February 26, 2009

Normal life... sort've

For all you "gore-seekers" please see our previous post for pictures of surgery and things of that nature. Please remember to scroll down to see if you've missed anything :-)

For the rest of you- we are posting pictures of "normal life" for us.. or as normal as it can get right now. We realze that it's probably too soon to post- but I will be busy for the next little while. My boss is having open heart surgery tomorrow and I will be in charge of the office for the next while.. and the BYU vs. Utah game is on Saturday- you better believe that we're going to be there (don't worry.. we are showing up hours early and leaving after every one has left to avoid too much of a crowd when walking) there's no way we'd miss it!

Jon's new favorite shoes :-) he can put them on
without asking for help. Yay for independence!

This is the day cast.. aka: torture device/fishing gear.
Note the actual fishing weight acting as a stopper on the right side of the circle/pulley.

Just another view

Jon showing it off

We just had to have a little fun. We decided to "go fishing".
We made a paper fish and attached it to the cast-
at least we caught something :-)

Just to give a more serious update: Jon has regained a lot of mobility in the uninjured left fingers and has no started moving his index finger again- his assignment from the physical therapist: 10 wiggles an hour (moving his finger down ten times and the pulley lifting it up for him) The therapist also said that in order for it to get better things will get worse for the first 3 weeks or so.. so we are in for a ride! Wish us luck for Sunday... church dress will be a challenge!

Thank you for your prayers, love and support- we greatly appreciate everything you do.

Not for the faint-of-heart

*Disclaimer: for those of you who may get uncomfortable at the sight of blood- this post is not for you (that means you, Brittny! :-) hehe- oh and ps to Brittny- let us know when that baby of yours decides to come out! He's late! ;-) )

People have been asking for the pictures and gory details of Jon's accident this week. I'm not sure how many details I can provide in writing that will sound really gory, but, I hope the last picture on this blog will do just that.

Our next blog will contain pictures of Jon's 2 new casts that he just got this morning. He has one to wear to bed and one that he has to wear all day. The one that he wears during the day looks like a serious torture device. To help your imaginations- it also looks like a fishing rod and line equipped w/ a weight (hehe) on the top of his hand or some nice head gear :-) He was a trooper through both fittings today though. It was pretty painful- but he kept a stiff upper lip. He will be in the cast for 5-6 weeks and then from there he will go into more physical therapy and we were given the 3 month time line again today. So, this will put a downer on the rest of his semester.. good thing he's not in a major that deals with computers all day long or something.. haha... nah, he'll be fine :-)

Anyways... this is where you need to stop reading if you aren't prepared for pictures. :-)

This is how I found Jon in the ER- doing the Jon wave :-)
"One of these is not like the others..."

His luxurious half room w/ a nice curtain

Leanna wanted to point out that there was
blood on the wall (not Jon's)

Here is Jon before they started to give
him all his shots (including a shot in the rear)

This is the actual surgery at the plastic surgeon's place.
They let us take pictures and watch as much as
we wanted. Jon was awake for the whole thing too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A day in the life of a carpet layer...

Here is Jon... he is showing how he can count to six and a half
(note thumb- it's the half)

This is Crystal (posting under Jon's name) I won't make this post very long because it is very late and I'm very ready for this day to be over.

Today at around 3:30pm I got a phone call at work from Jon saying: "First off- I am okay, but I have to go to the hospital and I'm going to need surgery. My work is coming to get me at the BYU health center so I have to go, but I will call you later when I know more." There I am at work- not knowing what's going on or what happened or what. I have no clue what hospital he's going to or what to do. I go into a panic and I'm close to tears and I tell my boss all that I knew and he let me leave.

I picked up Jon's sister, Leanna and we headed off to the Utah Valley hospital in Provo. I met Jon in the ER and we were there for about 2 hours. From there they sent us to a plastic surgery place in Lindon. We get there and the place is open but all the lights are off and no one is around. We finally get ahold of the doctor and he started prepping for surgery.

It turns out that Jon severed two tendons on his left hand and barely missed the joint and thumb (which would've been very bad). The doctor was really laid back and let Leanna and I be in the room during surgery. Jon was awake and Leanna watched most of it- I was too much of a wimp to watch!

So, how long is the recovery process? Well, we're expecting him to be immobile for about 6 weeks (in the left hand at least). After that he will have to go through physical therapy to regain strength in his fingers. The whole thing will take about three months. Jon is okay and he is still in good spirits as always. He's not in too much pain- which is a blessing. Thanks for all of your prayers, love and support. We really appreciate it. We'll keep you updated as we know more.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Stomach,

I only have a few requests, but I hope you find it within your lining to comply. Please let me sleep and don't wake me up at 3:30am on the dot every morning feeling sick. It's no fun for anyone. I finally was able to eat some real food tonight- please don't make me wish I hadn't given all that effort for nothing. I'm tired of eating saltines and drinking Sprite all day. I'm so hungry- but too sick to eat anything- how lame is that? It has been since Monday night that you have served as my body's personal war zone and now I am surrendering with the biggest white flag you've ever seen. Just let me sleep and eat real meals. I think I've lost like 5lbs within the last few days (even though I want to lose weight, this wasn't the way I wanted to lose it). Just pick on someone else your own size.


the girl who has been up since 4am this morning and came home after work and fell asleep and now is hoping i'll be able to go to bed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy late valentines day

Happy late Valentine's day. I'll let Jon talk about valentine's day.. that's if he is still alive.. I'm sure you're all wondering if he is because he hasn't posted.. but I assure you- he is alive and well- just really busy.

Anyways- Here is the valentine he sent me that he sent me in my e-mail. How romantic!
Edit -
This is Jon. Just in case Valentine's Day wasn't the romantic time you were looking/hoping for, you can also use these bitter valentines:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It has been a year....

Yesterday, Jon and I realized that it has been a year this week that we haven't had Comcast in our lives. What a blessed year that has been! I feel the best way to express my time with Comcast is with a few Dilbert comics. Just remember, I worked in billing and technical support. So, just sit back, relax, pull out some ice cream and celebrate with us :-) PS: The first one is my favorite!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ever catch your boss taking a snooze??

I know we have been lacking in our blog writing of anything of importance. We'll get there soon, promise. For now, I just wanted to give you all a good laugh- at least I laughed at this :-) If you don't.. well, sorry.

To help explain it a little I'll just do a quick summary. I work at an apartment complex as the office manager. I take over the front part of the office and my boss (the owner) has his office in the room in back of me. He's usually to himself most of the time and can be found whistling the BYU fight song at least once a day. I can't directly get a visual of him unless I go up to the doorway of his office and the same for him.

The other day I was working on getting quickbooks set up for him. I had a question on an account that only he could answer. I did the usual call his name out. I found that if I don't call his name before going to his door, I find him daydreaming and he is startled and starts shuffling around papers like he's been caught. Honestly... he's the owner and doesn't even need to be here- what do I care if he's not doing anything? Anyways... back to the other day. I called out for him and he didn't respond. I said his name again. Still nothing. I then approached his door and found him sleeping- head bobbing and all. I just let him be after that and waited until he came around whistling- haha! He was out for like an hour!!! I laughed all night about it.