Saturday, March 29, 2008

The cake...


Not very good for you- but OH. SO. GOOD!!! This is my cookies and cream ice cream cake! It's super easy if you want the recipe! It was a hit- there are no leftovers from our "roommate reunion party". I'm grateful for that- because I would be eating some more!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Small updates

Good news!!! My boss is letting me come back after the summer! What a relief! I was so afraid that I would have to come back and start begging for a job or interviews. This job has been such a blessing. I don't make as much as I did at Comcast- but for our sanity- it's worth it! Another great thing is that Jon's WalMart recruiter told him that they will have temporary positions and that I could apply for with a cover letter and resume before we get there. We're assuming that this isn't to work in an actual store- considering they're asking for a cover letter. I'm crossing my fingers that this isn't too good to be true! Maybe i'll be the girl who puts the beans in the coffee maker.. then gives the coffee to Jon to give to a big-wig... hehe just kidding.

Other than that- this week has been really busy. On Tuesday night after work a friend (Jess) and I went up to Thanksgiving Pointe for a cooking class. It ended up being more of a cooking show. It was fun though. It was a good break :-) The lady who taught the class was teaching about "frozen dinners". She had some cute ideas. I'm excited though because she gave some good and really simple recipes for chicken cordon bleu and ice cream cake (yum!). We had fun sampling her food and joking about the great "utah hair" that we saw. I'm going to make the ice cream cake at a group gathering this weekend- I'll post pictures of how it turns out- disaster or not!

And for all of Jon's fans out there... ;-) the masters application is IN! He won't find out if he got in until the end of May. Wish him luck!

ps... "Uncle Sam" got us a Wii ... if you couldn't tell from our last post :-)
(I decided we needed some sort of a picture in this long entry)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birithday, Jon!

Jon's birthday was on the 13th- however, due to all the projects that he had that week- we had a party for him last night. It was a blast! Some of our friends brought over their projector and we had our Wii going on the wall. They also brought over some more remotes so we could have 4 people playing at a time. There was good food and good company! Thanks for all who came- it was amazing! Because I was being a slacker- I didn't take very many pictures (oops) but I did get this video of some of the guys who were playing. It was pretty hilarious to see 4 guys trying their hardest to move their arms/hands as fast as they could. Enjoy! Hehe, I bet you fellas will be feeling that today :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Arkasas Apt and Creepy sales guy

So, the school year is almost over!! That means that Jon will be really stressed out over the next few weeks. Our countdown has started for the summer!! We just got our apartment in Arkansas. Walmart was a great choice for us because they have housing already set up. That was a definite plus- I think having to call unknown places in Arkansas for housing would make this experience a lot more stressful. Here are the floor plans of their apartments. We will be in the Plaza one. Not too shabby!! So, if anyone wants to visit- we'll have a second bedroom! They're all furnished and if you look at the pictures- it's really nice. Coming back to Provo will be a disappointment! ;-) Here is the link if you'd like to look!

Work is going great! I love my job. My boss requires that all of his employees have to fill out "fantasy brackets" hehe.. like I know much to actually do well on it ;-)

I've met some interesting people. For one, we have a State Farms insurance agent who comes every other day to ask us to require renters insurance or if we'll put in his flyers in our check-in packets. It's a good thing- but most of our tenants live here for only a semester or two. Anyways- he came by a few days ago. I was getting back from lunch and the office was closed. I pulled up and I saw this car pull up on the other side of the road. The windows were tinted but I could see the outline of someone watching me. As soon as I got out of the car- the state farms agent flew out of his car and started chasing me down as I was opening the office back up. Heh, I didn't even have time to open the door before he got to me and was using all these slang terms to "relate" to our maintenance guys who were fertilizing the lawns "Yo yo, homies- that's so dope that you're doing the lawns. That's dope, yo." Desperate? I think so. So much for being a "sneaky" salesman. I just hope he doesn't come back any time soon... haha.