Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Day 10k


I did it!! This 10k was much harder than the last one that I did. I averaged 9:55 miles. Okay, not the fastest in the world.. and sometimes it's embarassing to tell people my mile avg, but whatever- I smoked everyone who didn't run it, right? Look at my race bib... #1!! See? I was #1 in something!!

The first 2 miles were uphill.. and not just up little rinky-dink hills... we were all pretty much running up to the "bench" on the mountain. Heh, each mile marker had some funny sayings. After they collected all the mile markers I was trying to see if I could get pictures, but I was only able to get mile marker 3. Mile 2 said "Yes, it's only mile 2". They made me laugh :-) I kept up with this one girl for a few miles and then i started to run ahead of her and I started to go a little too fast and then she smoked me at the end! Bummer... oh well... I did shave off about 3 minutes from my last race though and this race was a lot harder!

mile 3 marker. This one was my favorite :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Selling my snowboard

So, I'm going to be listing my snowboard on craig's list pretty soon, but I wanted to post it on the blog here to give someone I know the chance to buy it before I offer it to a stranger. I will be posting a picture of it soon.

It's woman's Burton board size 146. It has Liquid bindings (sorry... they're not the step-in kind, but you can always change that).

I really love this board, but let's be honest... if we're going to TX... I won't be able to use it. Sad day.

If you're interested please contact me :-)

ps: if you are taller than me- the board will still fit you fine... I bought it a little bigger in the hopes that I would grow a little... haha.. wishful thinking!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Calling any and all affordable photographers :-)

Jon and I are wanting to get "professional" pictures of us when he comes home this summer. We've never really had those done before and we thought it would be fun to do. I know it might seem kind've lame because we don't have kids to take cute pictures of.. but oh well.

Anyways- I haven't gone to anyone in Provo before and I was wondering if anyone out there has someone they would recommend? I don't care if it's your friend or sister or even yourself :-)

Please let me know :-) I'm really looking forward to this!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updates... sort've

I apologize that there has been a lack of blogging. It's hard to write about stuff when there's nothing going on.. other than work. Jon is too busy to post right now about his Deloitte experience. I'm sure that will come in time.

On Saturday the 11th, I get to go visit him again! I am so excited! We actually have "plans" of things we want to do vs. last time I went to visit in June.. we had nothing planned hehe... It wasn't a big deal and I really enjoyed myself with everything that we did do. I just wish that I had taken more pictures!

Jon is really enjoying himself at Deloitte. He is apart of TMAS (don't ask me what it stands for...) but it's apart of tax. He has a lot of opportunities to work with his team and with clients. Last night he was able to go to an Astro's game with all of the other interns and their "buddies". I think he left during the 7th inning... it definitley wasn't a Red Sox game :-) Let's see... he takes the bus every day to go to and from work. Not the most exciting commute, but at least he doesn't have drive through rush hour.

Anyways, I will let him fill in the rest once he has time to post.

Sorry that this is a lame blog... but there really isn't too much going on on my end. Work is crazy. I am ready for another vaction. Right now is the busiest week of the year. Rent is due, all tenants are resigning, and I have to fill everyone on the waiting list for fall... did I mention that my boss is in Costa Rica? I guess this is pay back for making him do it alone last year when I was in Arkansas ;-).

PS: I forgot to post this- but I finished reading a new book called "The Girl Who Could Fly" it was such a cute book. It definitely had an x-men feel to it crossed with little house on the prarie... but I loved it and recommend it for a good summer read.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I did it!!!!

Today I ran the freedom 10k run!! In case anyone cares to know my time.. it was right around one hour and 4 minutes. Not too shabby for a surgery recovered foot!! I ran it with two amazing girls and they both did awesome! I couldn't have run that whole thing w/o stopping to walk without them.

The only thing that I would've changed about it was to have Jon there at the finish line. He's always good at sticking at the finish line and being at the end cheering and is good for high five. I'd say hug... but no one wants to hug a sweaty person. That's just gross. Anyways, he would've been there if we could afford plane tickets for him to come out for the weekend, but unfortunately, they were like $700-$800!!! Craziness!

My next running adventure is on July 24th. I am running the Pioneer Day Classic.... aka: race of death. It's just a 10k... but if you've never been up foothill drive... you should. You're jaws will drop at the bottom of the hill and you won't be able to pull them back up... ever. Heh, and i'm also considering doing a half marathon on August 8th.

Sorry no pictures... you can thank me later. I wouldn't want to see a sweaty runner either. :-)