Sunday, November 11, 2007

Arkansas, here we come!!

Here is a good news update.

This week, Jon was offered an internship with Corporate Wal-Mart!!! He has until Feb. 4th to accept. I realize that this doesn't sound glamorous.. but living in Arkansas is a lot cheaper than living in say, California. Plus- we would get 10% off of everything. It's not Jon's first choice- but he at least has an offer and if other offers come- we'll have to make some decisions. I think Zak could give you better information about living there but... here are some pros about going to AR for the summer-

Pros about living in Arkansas:
*we would be in the NW corner
*we'd have a view of the Ozarks
*we'd be a lot closer to Houston and could visit at least once
*If offered a full time job (and if Jon took it) our kids would be guaranteed to be born with healthy accents and gaps in their front teeth.. okay, so that's not a pro.. but we think it's funny.
*Like I said above we'd be getting 10% off life :-) (c'mon, WalMart sells everything from toenail clippers to tv's.)
*High LDS population
*A mostly paid for furnished apt for the summer and traveling compensation.
*Jon would get to enhance his computer programming skills along with his accounting skills.
*It's paid!


*We hear there is such a place called Toadsuck, Arkansas... no really.
*It's WalMart... it's not that prestigious in the business world. (Jon is really sheepish about it... but he will admit that he is excited that he got accepted)

Other places he's looking to apply to: Walt Disney Company for an IT Audit internship (bring on the mouse ears), USAA (an insurance company located in TX), KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young... to name a few.