Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Woman

I'm not a very fast typer right now...for obvious reasons, so I'll keep it short.

Tonight was the Marriott School March Madness party. Part of that was Crystal participating in the corporate climb - a race up and down all the stairs in the Tanner Building. I just wanted to proudly say that Crystal took 4th place in the individual 1 lap race (they also had team 1 lap and individual 3 lap). She ran all around the building from one side to another and through 14 flights of stairs in a mere 3 minutes and 27 seconds! Crazy!

...almost as crazy as volunteering to run that many steps...

Way to go, Crystal! I'm proud of you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cute commercial

**For updates on my on-going fitness goals check the other blog**

I wanted to share a funny commercial that Jon and I always smile at. I'm not trying to make a plug for Weight Watchers or anything like that, we just wanted to give yal a laugh :-). Can you guess our favorite part??? I'll give you a hint... it's the part with the laptop... or should I say... pizza box?

PS- tomorrow is exactly one month since Jon's hand accident. He is improving, but there isn't much to really report right now. We're just waiting and waiting... but this week he may start some more intensive physical therapy. We'll keep you posted!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy-Quarter of a century-Birthday, Jon!

My wonderful husband turned 25 on Friday! it seems like just yesterday we were 21 and 22-year-olds and happily engaged. Okay, cheesy, I know... but really- time has flown by and I love Jon more each day. Happy birthday, old guy!

To celebrate we went to India Palace (our most favorite place to go) with Leanna and our friends The Phillips. We had a really good time spending time with each other. Jon even got a free birthday- mango ice cream dish.

Afterwards, we went back to our place where we "tucked in" on the basketball birthday cake I made for Jon. Now I'm not trying to brag on this blog that's supposed to be all about the birthday boy... but... I started working on the cake on Wednesday night. I baked it, let it cool and then froze it until the next morning. Thursday morning before I took Jon to school and before I went to work, I took the cake out of the freezer and iced it and then put it back in the freezer until that evening. Thursday night after work, I made tons of frosting and dyed it brown and orange for basketball colors.

Now, you need to understand... I've played around w/ fondant and things like that, but I have NEVER decorated a cake by using frosting tips or anything like that- so, If I blew it- it would have been a complete disaster. Anyways... here is the final project :-) Also note: because It was my first time doing this... it's not perfect and I know that, so please just disregard any imperfections you might want to pick out. :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time with Dr. Cool

Tuesday Morning Jon had an appointment to get his stitches removed with the plastic surgeon who originally worked with Jon and did the surgery. His physical therapist refers to him as "Dr. Cool". For that reason, we will refer to him as so. :-)

The appointment was for 8am in his office in Lindon (about 20 mins away). We get there and we get a room and we waited.... and waited... 45 minutes later, Dr. Cool comes in with a fake-intern (hasn't even gotten into medical school yet) hovering over his shoulder. He unwraps Jon's hand and starts taking the stitches out. Because he is a plastic surgeon, he usually makes all his stitches VERY small and tight to reduce scarring. That's great and all... but, he had a hard time getting them out of Jon's hand. He would cut two ends (and Jon's hand... twice) and then just pull up as hard as he could to see what would come out... nothing. He eventually gave up and left some of the stitches in (do those dissolve???) I'm thankful it wasn't me going through it. Needless to say, it was really painful for Jon and Dr. Cool called him a "wimp". Poor guy. He toughed it out though.

There are a few more gruesome details, but we will spare you. Thank me. You're welcome. :-) Jon wanted me to add it in.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Version 2.0

On Wednesday, Jon went back to the physical therapist (Brian is his name). He updated Jon's cast a little bit. He added another pulley onto the cast. He now has his middle finger in a pulley and sling. They did this because his middle finger is right next to the damaged index finger. To explain this better- hold out one of your hands and try to move your index finger without moving your middle finger (without trying to hold your hand as stiff as a board). You can't really do it, can you? This new pulley helps relieve the tension and it also helps him to gain more mobility in his middle finger. Brian bent Jon's middle finger towards the palm of his hand and it was the first time his middle finger had been moved since the accident. It was really stiff and painful the first few times. After that- it was a welcomed stretch. Jon's job is still the same- move it ten times an hour. But, now he has to work out his middle finger and straighten out his knuckle on his index finger a few times too. What a rough life! Anyways, here are pictures for your enjoyment.

Here is Jon holding all fingers in like a fist (except for the index)
It's his new trick :-)
"I can point now!" He was really excited... moral victories...

The new sling/holder for his index finger

Monday, March 2, 2009

Common sense 101:

If you live in a furnished apartment- you CANNOT remove management's furniture without permission. If you've asked for permission and management has told you you "No, we cannot take that piece of furniture out..." That does not secretly mean "why yes- go ahead and move it outside your door and we'll come and get it no problem." Or, if you move it to a whole other side of the complex... management will find out who moved furniture and the owner can evict you. By saying that- it doesn't matter if you work in a law firm office- the owner can evict you for moving his/her property. Just because my job isn't in a law firm office doesn't mean I am any less of a human being than you. I do have a degree and contrary to your belief- I'm pretty dang smart.

The end.