Thursday, February 26, 2009

Normal life... sort've

For all you "gore-seekers" please see our previous post for pictures of surgery and things of that nature. Please remember to scroll down to see if you've missed anything :-)

For the rest of you- we are posting pictures of "normal life" for us.. or as normal as it can get right now. We realze that it's probably too soon to post- but I will be busy for the next little while. My boss is having open heart surgery tomorrow and I will be in charge of the office for the next while.. and the BYU vs. Utah game is on Saturday- you better believe that we're going to be there (don't worry.. we are showing up hours early and leaving after every one has left to avoid too much of a crowd when walking) there's no way we'd miss it!

Jon's new favorite shoes :-) he can put them on
without asking for help. Yay for independence!

This is the day cast.. aka: torture device/fishing gear.
Note the actual fishing weight acting as a stopper on the right side of the circle/pulley.

Just another view

Jon showing it off

We just had to have a little fun. We decided to "go fishing".
We made a paper fish and attached it to the cast-
at least we caught something :-)

Just to give a more serious update: Jon has regained a lot of mobility in the uninjured left fingers and has no started moving his index finger again- his assignment from the physical therapist: 10 wiggles an hour (moving his finger down ten times and the pulley lifting it up for him) The therapist also said that in order for it to get better things will get worse for the first 3 weeks or so.. so we are in for a ride! Wish us luck for Sunday... church dress will be a challenge!

Thank you for your prayers, love and support- we greatly appreciate everything you do.


Tyler said...

Those shoes are great. I have a pair that I wore when I worked at the retirement home. The best part is that like three other old guys who lived there had the same ones.

Anne said...

So are you going to give up shaving too?

Crystal said...

:-) He did shave this morning! Yay! I had to help him with that too (getting the electric shaving liquid out of the bottle) so I can attest that he did shave today :-)

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

hahahahaaaa! Wow way to make lemonade out of lemons- that paper fish is freaking awesome! Can I come over and go fishing too? Those velcro shoes are pretty sweet too, I don't think I've seen those since elementary school... you'll probably get lots of questions with a cast like that, you should make up some really cool story about how you got it, like you were at the zoo and fell into the tiger pit and one of the tigers went to town on your hand...

Clyde J Criddle said...

Look, my son is a Transformer! Thanks for the updates. Love ya.

The Lorenzen'z said...

I can't decide what I like better...the grandpa shoes or the clothes hanger cast...tough call. Happy healing, Jon!