Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ever catch your boss taking a snooze??

I know we have been lacking in our blog writing of anything of importance. We'll get there soon, promise. For now, I just wanted to give you all a good laugh- at least I laughed at this :-) If you don't.. well, sorry.

To help explain it a little I'll just do a quick summary. I work at an apartment complex as the office manager. I take over the front part of the office and my boss (the owner) has his office in the room in back of me. He's usually to himself most of the time and can be found whistling the BYU fight song at least once a day. I can't directly get a visual of him unless I go up to the doorway of his office and the same for him.

The other day I was working on getting quickbooks set up for him. I had a question on an account that only he could answer. I did the usual call his name out. I found that if I don't call his name before going to his door, I find him daydreaming and he is startled and starts shuffling around papers like he's been caught. Honestly... he's the owner and doesn't even need to be here- what do I care if he's not doing anything? Anyways... back to the other day. I called out for him and he didn't respond. I said his name again. Still nothing. I then approached his door and found him sleeping- head bobbing and all. I just let him be after that and waited until he came around whistling- haha! He was out for like an hour!!! I laughed all night about it.


Clyde J Criddle said...

Be kind to old men. We are happy to get some sleep anytime we can! :-)

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

Haha! Next time you should take a video of it with your phone :)

Leanna said...

hhahaha he reminds me of Michael Scott - completely unproductive

Leah said...

ummm,well having worked the overnight shift, I saw some co-w0rkers sleeping and well...do I have to admit that I did too? My jokester co-worker, Max would tap my foot or my 'hospital side table' and laugh at me (that's when I'd wake up) I was embarrrased, esp. if my mouth was ajar with my head tilted back against the back of the chair...so that was horrible...did anyone see the news of the California gov. doing all nighters to fix their money problem, the report showed video of them all sleeping at the State house!!! talk about LMAO!!!