Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've been just a little busy!

Okay, January just went by in a big blur. I apologize for our temporary hiatus, but I promise we've just been really busy.

Here is a list of things of what we've been up to:


- started his last semester of school!

- he was finally able to sign up to take a religion class from Randy Bott (he's so awesome!)

- is working 2 jobs: one is doing web analytics for the BYU library and some for the church and then his 2nd job is being a TA for an Information Systems class: Forensics. He really enjoys both!

- has a night class on Wednesdays that he likes.. he just doesn't like the time for it (6:30-9ish?)

- is reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (hehe)


- Still working away at Union Square

- Just got called as the Primary President. Hehe.. I have a total of 2 primary kids :) One of them really likes dinosaurs and thinks he's "spiderman".

- Made a fondant cake for Beth's birthday

- Running like a mad woman and feeling confident for the marathon!

- (this goes for Jon too) Looking forward to the BYU vs. Utah basketball game this Saturday!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday! I was able to leave work early on New Years Eve and then I have today off- yippee!! Jon and I are always a little stumped on what to do on holidays when there are only 2 of us. Sadly, most of our good friends have either moved away or are out of state for the holiday break. We even looked outside last night and our complex was seriously deserted! I think we and one other apartment were home and that's it! That's okay though :-) We had a lot of fun.

This year for Christmas, Jon got me a really awesome book on Cupcakes. There are a lot of tips, recipes and different ideas on how to animate your cupcakes instead of just plain old frost them. We decided that we would make some cupcakes from the book. They were awesome! They are snowmen cupcakes with trees. I won't go into much details about what we did- just know that it took a long time and that I waited too long to frost the trees (oops). This resulted in frosting that was TOO soft but I didn't want to wait to have it stiffen up in the fridge so we just did the trees anyways. You know you love them! Also, the faces on the snowmen were supposed to be mini chocolate chips... but I couldn't justify buying a whole bag just to use them on 3 faces- so we just iced them on- so they don't look very "clean".

Now the problem is that we took so long to make them that we don't want to eat them!

Anyone want a snowman?