Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well, Hello, THIRD trimester!!

Holy smokes! 28 weeks.. TODAY!  Seriously, where has the time gone?

This past Saturday, Jon and I had a maternity photo session with his sister, Beth.  It was in this really cute orchard.  I am dying to see how they all turned out!  She posted one, so I'll post it on here as a sneak peak!  After the photo session we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden.  We haven't been there in YEARS!  It was so worth it- delicious!!  It was a perfect evening.
Back tracking a little... I had an appointment last Monday (15th) that was very busy!  Glucose test, ultrasound, blood work and regular appointment.  The glucose drink wasn't too bad.  Just a non-carbonated tasting orange soda flavor.  They gave me 5 minutes to drink it and then they sent me and Jon to the ultrasound room. 

The ultrasound went as usual.  Both babies are breech.  They are both laying "L" shape, head up and on top of one another with feet near heads lol.  No wonder I feel like someone is reaching for my ribcage!  Baby girl (on top) weighed in at 2lbs even and baby boy was 1lb 14oz.  So, we had 2oz under 4lbs of baby in there!  I'm assuming since then... I am a little over 4lbs of baby now lol...

Seeing our Doctor (Doc. D) was good.  Jon was able to ask some C-section questions.  It is looking more like a c-section.  The babies are running out of room.  I'm not really bothered by it, to be honest.  Seriously, the thought of having a normal birth with 2 babies is quite frightening lol.  As long as my doctor is there, she will be the one who will do the C-section too.

Oh, and from last post, I mentioned having some braxton hicks with some pain.  I told her about this and she said that if it happens again that I need to note the time and if I have 6 in one hour, I need to pack it up and head to labor and delivery.  She said "Don't even bother calling us first, just head straight here.  Calling us will just be a waste of time. "  Haha... nice.  At least she was honest.  I am happy that my doctor's office is right in the hospital where we are delivering.  It makes it convenient. 

I didn't get a call about my glucose test so that is good news!  Wahoo!  They did call me about my thyroid levels (as they are still monitoring that).  My levels looked good and normal, so I am to keep taking my meds.  I have my next appointment on Monday, so if there was anything they didn't call me about, they'll talk to me about it there.

If I make it to 38 weeks.... that brings us to 10 weeks away!  Ah!!  Jon thinks it'll be the week before Christmas (36 weeks).  I want these babies in there cooking as long as possible... but I won't lie... it would be nice to have them here for Christmas!  Shh... I didn't say that!  Go babies, go!


I haven't slept through the night in... I can't remember how long it has been lol.  My sleep habits are getting worse though.  I just can't stay asleep.  My hips will start aching so I'll need to roll over... and rolling is the right word for it haha...  It takes a lot of effort these days.

Leg cramps in the middle of the night?  Crystal: 0.5  Leg cramps: 1.5  - I was able to stop one by flexing my feet.. so I felt like I earned half a point lol

I'm not sure if it is b/c it is hot out, but since the temps have gotten warmer again, my rings have gotten a little tight.  I haven't worn them the last 2 days.  Sad face.  So, I'm ringless... probably for the rest of the pregnancy.  I hate not wearing them!

I'm ridiculously hot.. like all the time.  I haven't "slept" (quotes because... I don't sleep haha) with any sort of blanket or sheet for the last few weeks. 

I can't believe I'm about to share this... but before I do.. know that I am target with weight and my doctor was very happy about that this last appointment (seeing as I was struggling to gain enough 2 months ago).  She wanted me to be at 24lbs by 24 weeks, as this would bring the risks of pre-term labor down.  I had to work hard to get to that, but I did it!  Stuffing your face isn't as fun as you'd think it would be- haha!  Anyways, in total, I have now gained 30lbs.  My doc wants to see me gain 40-50lbs.  I've been gaining 1lb/wk for the last few weeks.  So, things are good :)  Just not the fitting of my clothes lol. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finton & Gimery


- We hit 26 weeks yesterday- wahoo!!

- I am a BLIMP and I try really hard to avoid the waddle but can't always help it

- Per pregnancy books and other resources- the babies should be around 2lbs each... 4lbs of baby?? It's possible.  We'll have a better idea after our ultrasound on Monday of where they're at in weight :)

- Check the ticker on the right... we are in the double digit days (going off of the actual due date)

- I think I'm starting to have braxton hicks?  I used to think it was the babies rolling around... but my stomach gets wicked tight and firm.  After reading some preggers books and my little weekly newsletters.. I'm finding out that they could be b.hicks.. who knew??  I realize that these are normal and have been really painless.  However, the only concern I have is that yesterday and today I have had a few that were accompanied by some pain.  Not like "I'm dying" pain, but definitely more than just a little discomfort.  I called my Dr's office today and left a message.  I feel bad for whoever has to listen to that gem.  We'll see if anyone calls me back.

- My next appointment is on Monday.  Ultrasound, glucose test, reg appt and blood work.  Busy (and LONG) appt!

- I've started sewing fitted sheets for the cribs!  We now have both cribs and mattresses- woohoo!  I never thought I'd sew sheets, but it is a lot easier than I expected it to be!  There aren't a whole lot of options out there for mini cribs.  There are stores on etsy that will make really cute custom bedding, however, it is way more than I'm willing to spend.  My goal is to make 4-5 per kid.

Alright, let's talk names.  We can't decide.  I realize we don't need to settle on any now, but it's hard to imagine that this decision will get any easier by the time they get here haha.  We have 2 names for each of them that we really like as first names, however, we can't decide between the two!  So, for now, we have morphed them together to make talking about them easier lol.  Finton and Gimery (pronounced: Jim-ery).  I realize that these mash-ups are terrible haha... but for now, they will do :) Shouldn't each kid come born with a card letting us know what their name is supposed to be??

I had you going with the title of the post, huh? lol... I wonder if any of you thought those were the real names ;)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grow them babies!

So, I figured for those who care to see- here is an updated belly shot!  It's a few days late, but oh well :)  Jon had taken one earlier, but I had opened it up and it was a lot blurrier than I thought it was.  I then took my own later.  Not the best quality, but a lot less blurry. :)

On September 25th my sister-in-law, Beth, threw me a darling baby shower.  The theme was "cookies and milk".  She had a table of well.. you guessed it... cookies and milk :)  All the guests signed the book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" and then they also filled out some "advice cards".  They also had a bingo card they could fill out.  They had to write out what they thought I would get for gifts and if they got a "bingo" they won a mason jar filled with the dry ingredients to bake cookies- so cute!  I believe my friend, Kelli brought those (feel free to correct me in the comments!!).  It was great to see friends and to spend time with people.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude from the kindness and generosity of everyone (this includes even the awesome people who weren't there!!).  Jon and I are so grateful for all the service that has already been given to us.  We can't begin to thank you all enough for your love and support.  It was a great night!  I don't have any pictures of it (oops), but just imagine the best cookies you've ever eaten and you're there :)

The next day my dad was scheduled to go in for back surgery.  I won't lie, I was a bag of panic!  I wasn't worried about the procedure, I was just worried about how he would hold up during the process.  My dad has a heart condition (a-fib) and he has has previous experiences where his heart will pause for a little while.  It happened once while he went under for another procedure.  So, needless to say, I was nervous.  Thankfully, the procedure went smoothly and he did very well!!  The problems came after the surgery.  The doctors and nurses were struggling to keep his sugar levels down (he has type 2 diabetes) and he had a few heart pauses.  One pause lasted close to 7 seconds.  I know that doesn't sound like a long time... but for your heart to stop for 7 seconds- that's scary!!  They were also struggling with the different medications that he is currently on and knowing what his correct dosages were.  So, it was a day or two of complications and for me, being so far away, it was tough not being able to be there to help. 

The day after the surgery I went to the temple.  I really needed it.  A few people who I knew saw me and commented on they couldn't believe I was there.. you know.. being preggers and all.  However, I had (and have!) so much to be thankful for and I felt good enough to go.  It was exactly what I needed.  I am happy that I took the time to go.  I know as soon as these babies come, it will be much harder to go. 

My dad was released from the hospital on Friday and has been doing well.  He doesn't have pain in his back, but he has some pain in his legs.  Hopefully in time, that will go away.  He is taking it one step at a time, but he is walking around and is able to go up and down stairs.  I really hope that this surgery will help in his mobility.  The other good thing that has come from this surgery was that while he was there, he had an insulin specialist take a look at him.  They did a 24 hour test on him and they found that his body isn't producing insulin at all anymore.  So they put him on a new plan that should help keep his levels down in a good normal range.  I talked with him today and he has been seeing a big difference with his sugar levels!  I'm so happy for him and glad that they doctors took the time to take care of him like that.

Anyways, other than that, things around here have been good.  I can't complain :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today I am 25 weeks!! Can you believe it??  I'm starting to have this irrational fear that my belly isn't going to grow as large as it needs to and at the same time, I can't imagine getting any bigger!  Anyways, I started this post last week and never finished, so I am going to be doing multiple posts this week because there is a lot to cover!  So, first up... projects!

These past few weeks have been busy!!  Between projects, growing babies, activity days, an amazing baby shower, my dad having back surgery and dr appts- I'm exhausted!

One of the projects I've been working on is figuring out how to make sheets for the cribs.  Because we have mini cribs, there isn't a whole lot to select from to fit our mattresses.  People on Etsy have custom bedding for mini cribs, but it's too dang expensive!  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands :)  I found a tutorial with measurements and directions for the exact mattresses we are getting- score!  However, we don't have the mattresses yet.  Even if I made the sheets now- I can't try them on the mattresses to see if it fits.  So, I decided to get some practice in.  I decided to make a cover for our changing pad (which btw I scored on clearance at Target.  I found it stuffed between crib mattresses.  $7!  Woo hoo!).  I figured, the pad was like a really small mattress and it totally worked!  I am really happy with it!  My friend, Christy let me make one for her too.  They are super easy to make and I am excited to be able to make my own sheets for not very much money!  If you want to try your hand at this let me know- I have the video/tutorial if you want it :) 

Next: crib skirts!! I've only finished one. Our 2nd crib got here yesterday, so I will be starting on the 2nd one today (I have everything cut out and measured, just need to hem it to fit and put on velcro!).  The best part about this- no sewing whatsoever!  I mean, I had to measure and cut the fabric, but no thread, needles or machine :) I made 3 panels- no one is going to see the side against the wall anyways.  To get a nice hem I used Heat N Bond to help me out.  You just iron out your hem and then place the Heat N Bond inside and iron it down and it bonds the fabric together.  Genius.  So, no raw edges!  Then, I had fabric fusible velcro (it's washable) that I bonded to the fabric and then regular sticky velcro that I attached to the crib and stuck it all together.  I made 3 sides total.  Really easy to take off and clean!!  (PS: it is all the same length.. the fan was on and it blew the long side in when I was taking the picture)  I did follow a tutorial for this.  If you are interested, let me know and I'll send it to you! Also... check out the sky blue paint job!!  Gorgeous!!

This next project was a team effort.  I painted a birdhouse to look like the UP house and Jon hung these awesome plastic balloons we found at Hobby Lobby.  It looks so awesome!  I am so excited about it!  The balloons are hung with really thin fishing line and when the fan is on, they just look like they're floating :)  Awesome.  Not the best picture in the world.. sorry.

Okay, last but not least- mobiles!! I found these really inexpensive wire photo mobiles and instead of hanging pictures on them... I hung mini Japanese lanterns (to look like balloons) and homemade clouds from them.  I used fabric scraps for the clouds and I ended up running out of white fabric.  I ended up making 2 pink clouds and 2 blue clouds :)  Jon helped me stuff the clouds during the BYU vs. Hawaii football game and then we finished hand sewing the last little bit of it the next day.  I'm just waiting to hang these!  We first hung them on the fan to get an idea of what it would look like.  We really like them :)  This picture is the girl's mobile.  I know the clouds look red, but they are pink.