Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well, Hello, THIRD trimester!!

Holy smokes! 28 weeks.. TODAY!  Seriously, where has the time gone?

This past Saturday, Jon and I had a maternity photo session with his sister, Beth.  It was in this really cute orchard.  I am dying to see how they all turned out!  She posted one, so I'll post it on here as a sneak peak!  After the photo session we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden.  We haven't been there in YEARS!  It was so worth it- delicious!!  It was a perfect evening.
Back tracking a little... I had an appointment last Monday (15th) that was very busy!  Glucose test, ultrasound, blood work and regular appointment.  The glucose drink wasn't too bad.  Just a non-carbonated tasting orange soda flavor.  They gave me 5 minutes to drink it and then they sent me and Jon to the ultrasound room. 

The ultrasound went as usual.  Both babies are breech.  They are both laying "L" shape, head up and on top of one another with feet near heads lol.  No wonder I feel like someone is reaching for my ribcage!  Baby girl (on top) weighed in at 2lbs even and baby boy was 1lb 14oz.  So, we had 2oz under 4lbs of baby in there!  I'm assuming since then... I am a little over 4lbs of baby now lol...

Seeing our Doctor (Doc. D) was good.  Jon was able to ask some C-section questions.  It is looking more like a c-section.  The babies are running out of room.  I'm not really bothered by it, to be honest.  Seriously, the thought of having a normal birth with 2 babies is quite frightening lol.  As long as my doctor is there, she will be the one who will do the C-section too.

Oh, and from last post, I mentioned having some braxton hicks with some pain.  I told her about this and she said that if it happens again that I need to note the time and if I have 6 in one hour, I need to pack it up and head to labor and delivery.  She said "Don't even bother calling us first, just head straight here.  Calling us will just be a waste of time. "  Haha... nice.  At least she was honest.  I am happy that my doctor's office is right in the hospital where we are delivering.  It makes it convenient. 

I didn't get a call about my glucose test so that is good news!  Wahoo!  They did call me about my thyroid levels (as they are still monitoring that).  My levels looked good and normal, so I am to keep taking my meds.  I have my next appointment on Monday, so if there was anything they didn't call me about, they'll talk to me about it there.

If I make it to 38 weeks.... that brings us to 10 weeks away!  Ah!!  Jon thinks it'll be the week before Christmas (36 weeks).  I want these babies in there cooking as long as possible... but I won't lie... it would be nice to have them here for Christmas!  Shh... I didn't say that!  Go babies, go!


I haven't slept through the night in... I can't remember how long it has been lol.  My sleep habits are getting worse though.  I just can't stay asleep.  My hips will start aching so I'll need to roll over... and rolling is the right word for it haha...  It takes a lot of effort these days.

Leg cramps in the middle of the night?  Crystal: 0.5  Leg cramps: 1.5  - I was able to stop one by flexing my feet.. so I felt like I earned half a point lol

I'm not sure if it is b/c it is hot out, but since the temps have gotten warmer again, my rings have gotten a little tight.  I haven't worn them the last 2 days.  Sad face.  So, I'm ringless... probably for the rest of the pregnancy.  I hate not wearing them!

I'm ridiculously hot.. like all the time.  I haven't "slept" (quotes because... I don't sleep haha) with any sort of blanket or sheet for the last few weeks. 

I can't believe I'm about to share this... but before I do.. know that I am target with weight and my doctor was very happy about that this last appointment (seeing as I was struggling to gain enough 2 months ago).  She wanted me to be at 24lbs by 24 weeks, as this would bring the risks of pre-term labor down.  I had to work hard to get to that, but I did it!  Stuffing your face isn't as fun as you'd think it would be- haha!  Anyways, in total, I have now gained 30lbs.  My doc wants to see me gain 40-50lbs.  I've been gaining 1lb/wk for the last few weeks.  So, things are good :)  Just not the fitting of my clothes lol. 


Vanessa said...

What a nice update. Things are really moving fast and the babies will be here before you know it. I'm so happy to hear that everything continues to go so well. Good luck gaining weight ;)

Kaylynn said...
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Kaylynn said...

Oh... I love that picture! Can't wait to see more. And I'm getting even more excited to see pictures of those cute babies when they get here! :)

Camber said...

I love the picture! You look great, Crystal. You'll probably have your babies about the same time as I will, since you're likely to go early. We're hoping before Christmas as well. And I sympathize with the leg cramps and the no sleeping! My SIL says that the bad pregnancy sleep is to get you used to it for when the babies arrive. Sad but kinda true...