Monday, November 5, 2012


**edit... I am sorry this is so long!  There aren't any pictures either.. sorry about that.**

November is a time that we all count our blessings and give thanks.  It's just the season.  THANKSgiving is right around the corner, after all. 

This year, we have been blessed far beyond we deserve.  I'm not just saying that to make us sound like we're tooting our own horns or anything.  There have been things that have happened that are purely not a coincidence.  There were times where there was extra money in our bank account even though I knew it shouldn't have been there- the math just didn't add up.  Our families have been safe - esp those of our family in New England who had to experience the "franken-storm", Sandy!

Our list is never ending of things we are so thankful for.  I know that the Lord has a hand in all things and he guides and directs us through it all- no matter how little it may be.

The obvious blessing that we are so very thankful for is the blessing to being able to start our family.  So far, this pregnancy has gone better than we could have imagined.  We've had some hiccups with different things, but overall- everything is going well.

I hit 29 weeks on Wednesday (Oct 31st).  I won't lie, I was seriously dragging that day.  I was so tired.  I could tell I was developing a head cold.  I planned on taking it really easy on Thursday.  I wasn't going to go anywhere or do much of anything.  Well, Thursday (Nov 1) came and started out just fine.  I got a lot of reading done and was able to watch one of my favorite chick flicks. 

Anyways, just before 6:30pm I had decided to start getting ready to go to a church meeting (I was feeling pretty good and I knew I wouldn't be running around if I went).  As I was getting ready, I started to have a lot of pain in my lower abdomen.  At first I figured it was round ligament pain, but then it got worse.  Then came the lovely braxton hicks.  However, I guess at this point we'll just call them contractions.  They were painful.  In a half hour I had had 4.  Jon called me because he was getting ready to come home from work.  I filled him in and while on the phone I had 2 more.  I'm not going to lie.  I had to set aside my pride and make the decision to go to the hospital like my doctor told me to do if something like this happened.  Jon and I planned to meet at the hospital.

I first called my in-laws and they were about a half hour away at a meeting.  So, knowing that most of my lady friends were at the church meeting I was going to go to, I started to think "hmm... who to call??".  The only thing I could think of was to call a few people in order of how far they were from me lol... I was able to get a hold of my lovely friend, Kelli.  She is pretty much a rock star.  Timing was perfect as she was just pulling into her driveway so she dropped her kids off with her husband and headed straight here.  We stopped at chik-fila on the way.  I had eaten a granola bar earlier to tide me over so I could have dinner with Jon when he got home.  Oops..  so we stopped for some food on the way to the hospital.  Anyways, we got to the hospital and I signed in at labor and delivery and was told that all their beds in triage were full so they would come and get me once one had opened up.  I was still having contractions.  Jon got there while we were waiting- so that was nice.  Kelli stayed with us until we were called back to triage.  I really can't thank her enough.  The only thing I could do was buy her dinner at chik-fila- haha!

The nurse was nice and she hooked me up to 3 monitors (1 for contractions and the other 2 for the babies heart beats).  She proceeded to do different tests to determine if I was going into pre-term labor or if there were other problems.  She spoke to the doctor who was on-call for my dr's group.  It wasn't my doctor, but I've met the one who she was talking to.  Anyways, while we were waiting for test results to come back, my contractions were 4 mins apart on the dot.  There was still discomfort/pain but it was lessening.  The most serious tests came back negative- which was really good.  However, they found that I was dehydrated.  For those who know me, you know that I'm always carrying a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE!  So, I was honestly super surprised.  We figured it was because of the head cold I've been getting over.  Anyways, the dehydration was causing the contractions so I was hooked up to an IV and I drained 2 bags of fluid.  Once I got through the first bag, my contractions started to slow down to every 6 mins and then as we started the new bag they slowed to every 8mins.  The on-call doctor was happy with this and said as soon as I was done with the fluids that I could go.

My discharge instructions:  I was told to drink more water than usual because I am having twins and to rest as much as possible.  So, not full bedrest, but still keeping my feet up as much as possible.

I won't lie, I did feel a little sheepish going to the hospital because I knew everything was probably fine, but the nurse eased my feelings by telling me "well, this wasn't nothing!".   I am thankful that it wasn't anything super serious and that I was able to slow my contractions with the IV.  I am so thankful that I felt prompted to go to the hospital.  The Lord always knows how to reach us, no matter what.  We just have to be willing to listen. 

I am so thankful for Jon and for everything he does for me.  I know that coming straight to the hospital from downtown wasn't the easiest commute, but I am so thankful that he was able to be there with me.  He is such a wonderful and supportive husband.  I'm pretty much the luckiest girl on the planet.  I love him so much and am so thankful that he is the one I get to share this adventure with.

30 weeks on Wednesday!  About 6-8 weeks to go!

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Vanessa said...

I'm glad everything turned out ok after that scare. Enjoy the rest while you can ;)