Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help! I can't find ingredients!

I've been looking for some random ingredients and I can't find them anywhere.... does anyone know (in Provo) where I can find a fennel bulb or even hazelnuts??? If you know where I can go- let me know. I've looked in quite a few grocery stores and I have no luck. Or even fresh basil leaves, tarragon leaves.. etc... It's just frustrating to go into a grocery store and look everywhere.. then ask someone there and they not have it or even know what it is.

Help! :-)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Small updates

It's time to post. Sorry it has taken a little while. So, I'll just fill you in on the business of our life.

Jon finished up the winter semester last week. He only had 2 real finals- he has spent more time on his students finals than he spent preparing for his own. The rest of his classes had end of the semester final projects. Grades will be in in about a week or so. He already has an A- posted! Things are looking good :-)

Physical therapy has been continuing for Jon. He now has a velcro "wrap" that he has to wear a few times a day that pulls his index finger all the way down into his palm (it hurts!). He also has a lot of thera-putty that he get's to exercise with. The therapist says he has made excellent progress. He also said that Jon's tendon may be stuck a little for the rest of his life (the place that's stuck is the size of a pin head). It won't really affect him very much if at all. So that's good.

Work on my end has been very busy. I have around 50 check-outs in the next 2 weeks. I'm so ready for a vacation! Speaking of vacation... we are only weeks away from going to NH to visit my family. I am so excited!! We leave May 13th and will be coming back on the 23rd. We are even going to a Red Sox game!!!! Heh, don't bother trying to find us on tv... our seats stink :-)

Other than that, life is pretty good. Right now Jon and I are battling a small stomach flu of some sorts. It probably isn't the flu because he got it about 24 hours before I did... maybe it was something we ate? Hopefully it goes away FAST. We'll spare you the details. :-)

Oh, and bytheway... the flusher on our toilet is broken... currently we are using a hanger to flush the toilet from the inside... good thing we don't have stomach problems that cause us to visit the restroom with more frequency.... pray the maintenance guy shows up soon!! We're too cheap to fix it ourselves w/ real parts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I apologize for the lack of updates about Jon's hand/finger. There just wasn't much to report on. Last week Jon was given some new exercises. I tried to look pictures up online of what they wanted him to do. I found this. This is the closest I could find.
We'll number them left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. They had him doing #2 and #5 in hopes that soon he will be able to do #4. The only bad news that he got was that his tendon is stuck to his skin where the incision was made (don't worry, gory details stop there). He has to continue doing "scar massage". They try to make it sound like it's something that feels good... but according to the faces and pain noises that Jon makes... it's not fun at all. The Doc is hoping that the tendon will pop away from the skin in the near future. This is really limiting his motion right now- but every day get's better!

This last Wednesday he went to the physical therapist and he told Jon that he doesn't need to wear his "fishing gear" splint anymore. However, during the day, if he get's tired or is hurting- he can put on his splint that he wears to bed. The therapist is encouraging him to try typing with all 10 fingers vs. the 6 that he has gotten used to :-) Next week he get's to visit the plastic surgeon (aka: Dr. Cool) so he can see how Jon has been progressing. Then he also get's to visit the therapist 2x next week. That's the first time he'll be going there for more than just his weekly visit. They may put him in a different splint next week, but they're still unsure.

All in all- Jon is doing very well and he can do a little more. He was excited yesterday that he could finally put his left arm through his jacket sleeve... oh the small things that you really take for granted. Thank you for all your prayers. We have been so blessed and we are grateful that he wasn't injured more seriously.