Friday, January 25, 2008

Lucky number 579718

Last night Jon had an opening social for ASM (Association for Systems Managemnt). It was held at BYU's Legend's Grill. It's a pretty new "hang out" on campus. There's a lot of famous photos of BYU athletes and not to mention- great food. They served dinner for us and they had some local comedians there as well. We sat with Jon's group members and we had a pretty good time. They also were having a raffle. There were over 200 people there- so it wasn't like we were expecting that we had any shot to win any of the 4 prizes they gave away.

The time came where they were raffling off the last item. We were holding onto our ticket and waiting for disappointment to settle in and to hear screams of excitement across the room. Before we knew it- we were the ones calling out, "WOO!!!!" or something like that :-) We ended up winning dinner for two at Red Robin and they also gave us 2 prepaid movie tickets to a real theater (not the dollar movies where we usually go)!!! Hurray!! here is a picture of our winnings and of course- the free shirt for Jon who's a member of ASM :-)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Summer lovin, have us a blast

After looking into different options and how each will affect what happens to our family this summer, we have decided to officially accept the Corporate Wal-Mart Summer Internship. It is not what I plan on doing or where I plan on working for the rest of my life, but it is a perfect opportunity to gain experience working for a globally successful corporation. That experience will be most beneficial as I apply to the big 4 accounting firms next summer in addition with other more prestigious companies.

Our current summer plans, then, are as follows:
Mid May - Move to Bentonville, Arkansas
May 19 - Begin internship
May 21 - Develop hick accent
May 23 - Celebrate C's birthday
August 8 - Finish internship
August 9ish - Drive to Houston, Texas
August 11 - Hopefully lose hick accent
August 12 - DisneyWorld with the Sansoucie bunch!
August 19 - Return to Houston, party with the Criddles
Late Augustish - Help Leanna drive to Provo to return to college

Sounds like fun! Hope to see y'all there somewhere along the ride!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My beast of a phone... at work that is....

Have you ever wondered what kind of equipment customer service reps use as their phone?? Here is my phone... Behold, THE BEAST! Okay, so Jeff's "beast" is a lot cooler... but you have to admit.. this is one phone you'll never wish to own.

sorry- the picture isn't centered- what do you expect with a cell phone?? Anyways.. don't mind the soda cap on the phone... my supervisor and floor support decided to tape these caps over a button called, "after-call". This button allows you to do work on an account once the call is over or if you need a minute to forget how mean the last person was before you take another call. These "after-call" seconds must be GOLD to the higher ups. They want us only to be in "after-call" for about 10 seconds after each call... or averaging less than 20 seconds for every call for a week (let's face it.. no one ever does less than 10 seconds after a call unless it's super dead). It makes them look better. I'm doing fine with mine- but they put these caps over all the phones on my team. Lucky for us, we share desks with the graveyard shifts and they ripped them off. I hear that my floor support is putting them back on tomorrow- that should be really exciting.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rich Chocolate

We just wanted to let you all know that we live the high life. We went shopping and saw some chocolates that we greatly desired.

After we picked out 2- we went to the check out and they promptly rang up at $14/piece. Because we're just rolling in the dough we decided to let the cashier know that there may be something wrong with the register- because they obviously were worth more. Right... The chocolates only should have been 30¢ each!!!! They changed the price and we walked out of there feeling rich :-)

Good thing we pay attention as they ring up our groceries.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The tale of our bathroom....

For those of you who know- the light in our bathroom hasn't been working for a few months. Actually, we cannot remember the last time it worked. Our upstairs neighbors (who we love so much :-) ) had a flood a while back and the water from their apartment drained into our bathroom (conveniently over our tub). However, we started to have little trails of water that ran down the walls and then.. the light went out. We tried changing bulbs- and that didn't do us any good. Whenever we turned it on- it would flicker like in horror movie. After a while, the flickering stopped and we had to use the bathroom in the dark. Do you know how hard it is to shower in the dark!? Anyways...

So, we tried to run down our maintenance man for the apartment complex and we left about 3-4 requests to have him take a look at it- and we waited and waited. Then during Jon's INTEX project (I'm sure all you group members remember this) he ran the man down (Lyle) and Lyle came into the house and took a look at it and told us that he couldn't fix it and we'd have to wait until his back got better. So.. the wait continued.. until yesterday.

Jon ran after Lyle while I was at work and they were able to fix the light in the bathroom!!!! The wiring was corroded because of all the water damage. Gross. Then, we found a lovely note on our door later.... Enjoy!! So visitors- you don't have to worry about asking for a lamp when you use our bathroom!!! Hurray!!!

PS: I also wanted to post a picture of a meal we made not too long ago and I thought it was picture worthy... we made mini turkey burgers and sweet potato fries!!! They were soooo good!
If anyone actually wants the recipes I have them :-)