Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello, Due Date!

Well, we reached our due date on Jan. 16th :)  The babies are 4 weeks old TODAY!!  Time is flying!!  Our schedule just makes the days fly by.

This is our living room set up at the moment (and the babies sleep in these really cool bassinet rockers that fold up really nicely!)

Our feeding schedule is: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am and then back to 7am.  After the 10, 1, 4 and 7 feedings we try to keep the babies up for a total of 1.5hrs of the 3 hour block.  After the 7pm feeding we give them a bath (soap every other day) and we just keep them awake and just really enjoy them to be honest :)  This week we decided to see how long they would sleep at night.  So far, it isn't a complete disaster!  We've also been trying to figure out how one person can feed them at the same time.  We have 2 boppy pillows and have been having them both lay on their own as we feed them.  It has been working pretty well.  I need a little more practice so I can do it when Jon goes back to work (Feb. 4th.. dooms-day approaches!), but I'm confident that I'll be able to make it work!

The babies had their 2 week appointment last week and they are doing so well!  Alton's weight was 6lbs2oz and Ashlyn was 5lbs9oz!  So, they are both over their birth weights now- woo hoo!  Alton also grew and is now 19" and Ashlyn was at 18.25".  Their cords have fallen off and are healing- woo!

Alton is more fussy than Ashlyn, but they are still really amazing babies and we couldn't be happier :)  Alton sticks his tongue out a lot, especially when he first wakes up.  He also growls a lot-it makes us laugh a lot.  Ashlyn has "jazz hands" as Jon calls them when she wakes up- haha.  She makes a lot of cute faces and I wish I could capture them all on camera!  They are so dang cute!  We've been doing a little bit of tummy time and it's so cute to see them just look at each other.  We've only had one disastrous blow out so far... it landed on me lol. **edit... Ashlyn has pooped on me while washing her in the tub 3x now... lol**

Bath time is fun :)  They are warming up to the water on their bodies.  Alton cries all the way up until he gets his hair washed.  They both love getting their hair washed.  It's so cute.  After baths we go hang out in their nursery for a little while and we read from an illustrated Book of Mormon.  Who says it's too early to start family scripture reading? 

I had my first doctor appointment post c-section on the 16th.  My doctor says I'm healing well and that I am able to drive again.  I still need to take it easy, but other than that, I am doing well.  It was so funny because she told me that my uterus was super huge and during the c-section she had another doctor come and look at it because they were just so amazed.  Nice.  She said that of course with twins it's normal to have a larger uterus, but this was just a lot bigger than she expected.  We had to bring the babies with us to the appointment because they had to eat at 10 and my appt was at 9:30am- so we just fed them on some comfy couches in the hospital :)  It worked out really well.

Other than that, we are surviving.  Sleeping time for us is slim, but that's normal.  Some times we feel like this haha... 

Ashlyn's hat would fall over her eyes and she'd get really grumpy.  However, we aren't putting hats on them anymore.  It's just really warm!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rise and Shout! The Cougars are OUT!!

Okay, maybe a corny title... but it's what I feel like doing... raising my hands in the air and shouting "woohoo!!"  I know there are those of you who already know this, but...


In their BYU baby cougar outfits :)  Jon's sister, Beth was the photographer. Taken Jan. 1st, 2013.

Last week was so crazy! The 23rd was our 6 year wedding anniversary!  We celebrated by going to Peli Peli.  It was delicious!  I was happy that I actually had a dress to wear!  Jon gave me a beautiful necklace that has 2 silver hearts with a small pink heart in the middle.  He said that it was to represent the twins and this whole last year.  I gave him the "Show Dad How" book :)  It's a really informative book with a little humor in it.  It's basically a comic/picture book with all different things about taking care of babies.  IE: how to give a bath, how to mix formula, how to deliver a baby in a subway (lol).... stuff like that.  He laughed when he opened it and has been frequenting its pages for the last week :)

Christmas came and we celebrated with family.  I felt monstrously huge!!  Christmas eve we went over to Jon's sister's house to decorate sugar cookies and to have the little kids act out The Nativity.  My nephew, Jakson (6), was really timid when he saw me.  It has been a little while since he had last seen me (maybe a few weeks).   He just looked at me and said, "What's wrong with your belly?"  I was about to explain that I had babies in my belly... but before I could respond he said, "You look like Santa."  Ouch.  Haha!  See?? Monstrously HUGE!!

Christmas day Jon and I celebrated together at home and exchanged a few gifts.  I gifted him a "new dad survival kit".  Filled with small "goodies" to help him out.  Clothes, toys, bathing supplies, bibs, soda (for late nights)... etc.  Afterwards, we went to his parent's house for lunch/dinner.  It was a really nice day.

The day after Chritmas Jon and I went out to do a little bit of clearance shopping.  We had pretty much resigned to the fact that the babies weren't coming until January.  So, we figured over the next few days while Jon was on vacation, we would start to really organize everything so it would be in the right place.  We knew that in the morning (27th) that we had a Dr. appointment and because it was in the Willowbrook area, we would run some errands and then we made a whole list of chores that needed to be done.  Laundry, vacuuming, mopping, grocery shopping, putting the last items in the nursery, bringing things downstairs for when the babies came, etc.  When we were shopping on the 26th, I found the diaper bag that I really liked on clearance!  I bought it and that night we packed it for the hospital.

The 27th (Thursday) came and our appointment was for 9:40am.  I jokingly asked as we walked out the door, "Should we bring the hospital bag just in case?"  I was 37 weeks and 1 day along.  We got to the Dr's and within just a few minutes I was getting my blood pressure, weight and urine sample done.  My blood pressure registered at 139/89 (yikes!! high!).  When my doctor (Dr. Traci Desplinter) came into the room she noted that and then she checked my cervix and I was 2cm dilated.   She then told us that she was concerned about my blood pressure and then started talking about preclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension).  I was just under the BP limit (140/90) for her to order me make the trip to the 2nd floor to be monitored in triage (labor and delivery wing).  However, because I was considered "high risk", she recommended that we go up there to be monitored.  We agreed and headed up.

Crystal in triage with all her monitors lol (yeah... I was pretty swollen...)

They started measuring my blood pressure and I was completely normal.  It wasn't high at all.  It must've been a fluke in the doctor's office.  The triage nurses said that I would probably be going home, but I would have to stay there for a few hours.  Jon went out and got lunch for himself (I wasn't allowed to eat anything).  We let his parents know where we were but that it was nothing to worry/panic about.  I had an ultrasound and baby boy (A) was still breech, but they looked great and their heartbeats were normal and all looked well.  During this time in triage, I was having my normal contractions (nothing painful).  However, around 12:45pm they started to get a little painful.  I was still breathing alright during them, so I figured it was because I was on my back.  These painful contractions continued until my doctor came upstairs around 1:45pm.  She wanted to check on me and see where I was at.  I'm so thankful that her office is in the hospital itself!!  Anyways, she was happy with my blood pressure.  However, the triage said they found a little bit of protein in my urine.  I have a feeling that it was because I gave them a "sample" right after being checked in the doctor's office.  The doctor checked my cervix again and I had dilated to 4cm.

Um.. HOLY COW!  I was in labor.  My doctor looked at us and said "Well, today is the birthday!"  Jon and I just looked at each other in shock!  Then came the million questions of things like "what did you have to eat today and when? what's your name and birthday? do you know what we're doing here today?"  They started talking about the c-section and nurses were coming to explain everything.  My mind was racing!  I immediately started thinking.. "Wait, we don't have our bag!  We don't have our camera! I have things to do today! The cat needs to be fed!"  Jon frantically called his family and asked them to pick things up at our house and that we were going to heading to the OR soon.  I was hooked up to an IV, had a bunch of blood taken and then I was being brought to the OR.  Jon was suited up in his blue suit w/ a hat and booties.  He was then escorted away into another room and I was walked into the OR.

I was so scared.  I had to get a spinal block.  I was grateful for one of the nurses there who held my hands while I was curling over a pillow so that the anesthesiologist  could do the spinal block.  I immediately started to go numb.  I had to lay on my back very quickly and then they started putting a sheet up in front of me.  I started shaking (because of the meds).  They put this thing on me called a "bear hug".  It warmed up but it inflated and it was loud!  I had a hard time hearing things because the air that was blowing was near my head.  Then, Jon came in.  He sat with me and kept talking to me about things to keep me distracted.  I could feel a lot of tugging and pulling, but no pain.  Before we knew it the doctor said "here is baby boy!"  at 3:01pm Then we heard a cry.  Jon and I started getting weepy and tears were rolling down our faces.  Baby boy was lifted up over the curtain and he looked perfect!  Then came baby girl a minute later at 3:02pm.  She too had a small cry.  She was beautiful!  They wrapped them up and then brought them to where Jon was sitting and we both kissed them and Jon held them.

Our new little family in the OR - minutes after they were born

They were then whisked away to have their measurements done and get cleaned up.  While they were heading there, Jon walked past his parents with our barely 10minute old babies :)  They were all so surprised.

Baby Boy "A"

Baby Girl "B"

I was left in the OR so that I could be stitched up and then I was taken to recovery for an hour to be monitored.  I was dying to see Jon and the babies!!  The nurses were surprised I hadn't fallen asleep.  I guess that most women do, however, I was so anxious!  I then was rolled up into my post partum room (#2308).  The nurses tended to me and helped me get into the other bed.  After they were done, Jon came in and the babies were rolled in.  Jon's parents and sister, Leanna, came in after.  I learned at that time that the babies didn't have to step foot into the NICU.  How lucky and blessed we felt!  We were overjoyed! They were perfect.

It took us a little while to figure out their names.  We finally decided around 9pm that night.

Introducing for the first time:

Alton Blair Criddle - born at 3:01pm on December 27th.  Weighing 5lbs 7oz and measured in at 18"

Ashlyn Bella Criddle - born at 3:02pm on December 27th.  Weighing 5lbs 4oz and measured in at 17"

Alton Blair & Ashlyn Bella  (1/1/13)  Taken by Beth
Beth's Site:

That night, we didn't sleep.  I had these terrible things on my legs that inflated every 5mins and made an awful sound.  So, when I was about to fall asleep, they'd inflate and I'd jerk awake.  Sad.  Jon would also do the same.  Then there were the nurses coming in to constantly take my blood pressure and temperature and then the other nurse coming in to give me meds and to push on my belly- talk about PAINFUL!  We were a real mess on Friday.  Jon was frazzled and I was just a hot mess.  I had a hard time standing and walking when it came time to do that.  I was in a lot of pain.  I started to freak out quite a bit.  It was terrible.  I couldn't enjoy the babies how I wanted to and I was just freaking out.  We decided to send the babies to the nursery for the night so that we could sleep and also so that we could regain our sanity because of no sleep.   Saturday was MUCH better.  We were functioning like REAL people!  I was even able to stand up straight and was able to walk down the hall.  Wahoo!  We did the same thing that night and Sunday we were more rested again.  We were released and discharged on Sunday afternoon.  We got the babies packed up and headed out.  We were parents!  We had KIDS in the backseat!  It felt amazing.  Overwhelming, but amazing :) 

Alton & Ashlyn getting ready to go home for the first time!  12/30/12

I realize that this is very long and I skipped over some mundane things that happened in the hospital, but there is just too much to cover and not all of it was important to document.  These babies are amazing.  They sleep and eat so well!  We are still very sleep deprived, but the babies are healthy (had their first check up today) and they are doing amazing.  I am so very thankful for these two miracles that were entrusted to us.  We are in love!