Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello, Due Date!

Well, we reached our due date on Jan. 16th :)  The babies are 4 weeks old TODAY!!  Time is flying!!  Our schedule just makes the days fly by.

This is our living room set up at the moment (and the babies sleep in these really cool bassinet rockers that fold up really nicely!)

Our feeding schedule is: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am and then back to 7am.  After the 10, 1, 4 and 7 feedings we try to keep the babies up for a total of 1.5hrs of the 3 hour block.  After the 7pm feeding we give them a bath (soap every other day) and we just keep them awake and just really enjoy them to be honest :)  This week we decided to see how long they would sleep at night.  So far, it isn't a complete disaster!  We've also been trying to figure out how one person can feed them at the same time.  We have 2 boppy pillows and have been having them both lay on their own as we feed them.  It has been working pretty well.  I need a little more practice so I can do it when Jon goes back to work (Feb. 4th.. dooms-day approaches!), but I'm confident that I'll be able to make it work!

The babies had their 2 week appointment last week and they are doing so well!  Alton's weight was 6lbs2oz and Ashlyn was 5lbs9oz!  So, they are both over their birth weights now- woo hoo!  Alton also grew and is now 19" and Ashlyn was at 18.25".  Their cords have fallen off and are healing- woo!

Alton is more fussy than Ashlyn, but they are still really amazing babies and we couldn't be happier :)  Alton sticks his tongue out a lot, especially when he first wakes up.  He also growls a lot-it makes us laugh a lot.  Ashlyn has "jazz hands" as Jon calls them when she wakes up- haha.  She makes a lot of cute faces and I wish I could capture them all on camera!  They are so dang cute!  We've been doing a little bit of tummy time and it's so cute to see them just look at each other.  We've only had one disastrous blow out so far... it landed on me lol. **edit... Ashlyn has pooped on me while washing her in the tub 3x now... lol**

Bath time is fun :)  They are warming up to the water on their bodies.  Alton cries all the way up until he gets his hair washed.  They both love getting their hair washed.  It's so cute.  After baths we go hang out in their nursery for a little while and we read from an illustrated Book of Mormon.  Who says it's too early to start family scripture reading? 

I had my first doctor appointment post c-section on the 16th.  My doctor says I'm healing well and that I am able to drive again.  I still need to take it easy, but other than that, I am doing well.  It was so funny because she told me that my uterus was super huge and during the c-section she had another doctor come and look at it because they were just so amazed.  Nice.  She said that of course with twins it's normal to have a larger uterus, but this was just a lot bigger than she expected.  We had to bring the babies with us to the appointment because they had to eat at 10 and my appt was at 9:30am- so we just fed them on some comfy couches in the hospital :)  It worked out really well.

Other than that, we are surviving.  Sleeping time for us is slim, but that's normal.  Some times we feel like this haha... 

Ashlyn's hat would fall over her eyes and she'd get really grumpy.  However, we aren't putting hats on them anymore.  It's just really warm!


The Miguel Family said...

C I am so happy for you! I really like the picture of Jon and the babies. They are so tiny and cute!

Vanessa said...

glad to see you are surviving! Your family is so cute! I especially love the pics of you with the kids and Jon with the kids. Now let's hope they start sleeping longer and maybe drop a nighttime feeding (fingers crossed)

Camber said...

Yay! Love the update. I seriously CANNOT imagine having twins. You guys are amazing! I'm glad Jon got so much time off work--good luck when he goes back!

BrittWilk said...

oh my gosh i'm going to eat them - they are so cute! sounds like you guys are adjusting like mommy and daddy super heroes. :) you are awesome!

Stephanie C. said...

They're so cute and you look great!