Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One month (and then some)

We've made it to 1 month!  Well, okay, I'm a little late in writing this- oh well.  We are still alive lol - it does feel like a little bit of an accomplishment that we've kept these two little ones alive and well :)  

They are the sweetest babies.  I know, I am probably biased, but really... they are the best.  

Their next appointment is at 2 months and I am dying to find out how much they weigh!  I really wish there was a 1 mo appt to make sure that I'm doing all of this right!

Jon went back to work this week (today is Wednesday).  We miss him lots at home, but we are surviving and I have had a TON of help.  I am so very grateful to friends and family who have come over to help with feedings, hanging out, chores, errands.. etc...  It has made a huge difference in how this week has gone.  I

The babies are starting to sleep really well!  We put them down by 10pm and they wake up anywhere from 4:30am to 5:30am!  Craziness!  Of course, we don't go to bed when they do (we need to work on that).  So, we are still pretty tired, but I couldn't be happier with their schedule.

We do have our fussy times... and Ashlyn sometimes decides that she doesn't want to eat because she gets so distracted with her other bodily functions.  Anyone with ideas on how to get her to multitask??

Alton is a serious eater!  He is just a happy little boy.  He loves to snuggle, eat, have tummy time and discovering the world.  Ashlyn has decided to take the slow route when she eats.  What it takes Alton 15mins can take Ashlyn an hour... and even then- she doesn't eat as much as he does!  I am hoping this is just a phase.  She is a really happy girl though.  She doesn't cry much at all and her eyes are just so big and gorgeous!

This Sunday we are having the baby blessing.  Our friends Cody & Amber (with their two boys) and Nate & Jess (and their little girl) are coming out for it.  I am so excited to see all of them!  We will have a small lunch after at Jon's parent's house.  I am glad that the kids will have each other to play with along with our niece and nephew (Storey and Jakson).

Here are their outfits! I'm so excited :D  I had to order Alton's a little big because the smaller size was going to be too short.  So, it is a little big- but so cute!  I got his outfit on etsy at this shop.  I orderd Ashlyn's from Carters.

Other goings on... yesterday was full of surprises :)  Jon bought me a Chrome book (like a laptop.. but more like a tablet) it is pretty much the coolest thing evvvver!  Then, I got an email from my dad of his itinerary to fly out here.  I was like "wait.. what??" He didn't call to tell me he had bought tickets and picked dates lol.  He called me a little later to tell me.  I'm really excited for him to come out and meet the babies.  He's coming Feb. 25-Mar 5th.  Then, yesterday, I was on the phone with my sister while I was on a walk.  When I got back to the house a UPS truck pulled up.  I hung up with my sister and went in to see what was delivered.  It  ended up being these beautiful tulips from her!  I had to call her back haha.. she had a good laugh because she knew what the package was when I hung up with her.  It really brightened my day :)

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