Wednesday, November 20, 2013

9 and 10 month baby update :)

This will be another melting together post.  I have just been down and out with a lot of weird lung problems.  My cough stayed and then my lungs got inflamed again.  Long story short, my lungs had residual damage left from whatever I had this summer and it really messed with my breathing.  Everything is under control now with new meds and I have been given the green light to run again.  It just took a really long time (since July...) to figure out how to help me. Hence... the blog was put on hold.

The babies are doing wonderful!  They have been doing so many new things!

We will start with Alton :)

9 Months:

9mo doctor stats:

Height:  27.75" (30%) - side note: I'm not sure if this was right or not.  The nurse measured Ashlyn after and then she said she thought she measured Alton wrong... but didn't go back and do his height measurement again.  So.. who knows.  They are very close in height though.
Weight: 19lbs 5.8oz (47%)
Head:  18.11" (78%)

10 Months:

Pure joy :)
Soon after 8 months he started to really crawl!  He wouldn't go very far at first, but he figured it out pretty fast.  He now (at 10 mo) can crawl all over the place and he loves exploring the house and gets into everything.

He has learned how to actually "walk" in his walker!  He used to only be able to scoot backwards.  Now he goes at good clip in the kitchen back and forth :)

He is still our really good eater.  He loves almost everything we give him.  He isn't crazy about bananas.  I'll give him chunks and he will sometimes eat them okay, but he mostly spits it out.  He loves puffs and cheerios.  He still loves peaches.  He has recently eaten canned peaches and he loved them too.  I'm still wondering how we'll get to normal foods, but eventually we will :)

He loves crawling after Sookie.  He says "Ssss-keeee" when he is doing it.  So, if I'm like changing Ashlyn's diaper and I hear the "Ssss-keee" I know what he's doing haha.

Other word associations he has: dada, uh oh, more- well.. "mo", ball and sookie :) he is really good at mimicking sounds and he really tries to copy what we're saying.

He can really cruise on furniture now.  He is so good at it.

He can now clap!  He also claps in his high chair when you say "good boy" to him.  It's cute.

He likes to hit the button to open the garage.  He'll hit it and quickly look back to check if the door is opening or closing.  He get's so excited.  Jon gets him to turn on lights when he is holding him and he loves turning on fans.

He is no longer sleeping in the swing at naps! He is still napping in a different room than Ashlyn, but he sleeps in a pack play.

He loves to spin things.  Wheels, balls that spin on toys... if something spins- he'll find it.

Onto Ashlyn:

9 Months:

She was going through a phase where she wasn't into the whole smiling thing lol

9mo doctor stats:

Height: 27.75" (57%)
Weight: 18lbs 5.8oz (54%)
Head: 17.76" (83%)

10 months:

We saw the feeding specialist.  Was it worth the 8mo wait??  No. Ashlyn ate the best she has ever eaten.  She opened up for the spoon and leaned towards it and everything.  She did refuse her bottle and the specialist noted that and said that wasn't normal.  Because of the overall performance, the specialist saw no need to continue seeing her.  It was pretty much a "well, sorry you have to deal with this... but it'll get better eventually" sort of answer.  She still continually will try to gag herself because she hates drinking her bottle.  I guess on the plus side- it'll be easy to wean her off her bottle when the time comes haha... The doctor also suggested feeding her the natural white chedder cheetos haha... that will be the one and only time a doctor suggests eating junk food :)

She liked it and ate it.

Alton hated them.

Slowly she will get there.  This will probably be her main struggle for the first little while.  That being said, she is doing so much better.  She still gags and throws up from time to time (on purpose) but it's not every meal like it used to be.

She started crawling before Alton.  She is just all over the place now!

In the last few weeks she has been really cruising on furniture and she sometimes will pull her hands off and she stands on her own for a few seconds.  This girl will be walking soon!

She also figured out how to "walk" in her walker before Alton.  Her face lit up when she figured it out.  She loves running around in the kitchen.  She reaches out for the handles on the cabinets and they'll open, but they can't open all the way because the walker is in the way.

She is doing better with her solids.  She likes cheerios and puffs a lot.  She likes turkey a lot too.  When we are in HEB and there are samples, she is more enthusiastic about getting food than Alton.  Albeit... we only give them like bread and plain meat. :)

She is starting to wave a little.

She loves books more than anything.  If there is a toy and a book... the book always wins.

She loves plotting.  She watches where we put things and she remembers it... and when we're not looking she b-lines it to whatever she was waiting for (ie: cell phone, remote, book or even a toy that Alton had that he had stopped playing with).  She is just inquisitive. :)

She can now rock a "pony".  Her hair was getting to be where she was starting to look homeless lol :)


The babies had their first ear infection.   They had runny noses and just weren't themselves.  Poor littles.  We were able to catch it early though, so that was good.  We just had a few rough days.

We had a garage sale and we made $120 in like an hour.  It was a lot of fun too.

Jon had a crazy work week not that long ago and he hadn't seen the babies for a few days because he would get home after they went to bed.  So we made it down to his work and had lunch with him.  Alton figured out he could hear his voice echo where we were eating so he would starting screaming to hear himself.  We had to make a quick exit when that started haha.  People started to stare :)

We had our ward's trunk or treat.  I made the babies costumes :)  They were M&Ms.  Ashlyn was brown and Alton was red.  I made it so they could wear them as a "back pack" so they can crawl around.  They didn't mind them at all.  They honestly didn't care.  For pictures and riding around in their wagon we put them on their fronts.  They came out so cute! Daddy fed Alton pumpkin bread and he loved it.

My dad is came here to visit the week of Halloween.  Ashlyn is his new BFF.  She did all she could to get to him.  He read in funny voices and sang to the babies.  They loved having him here.  They were all smiles when he came down the stairs in the morning.  We miss him!  Hope he comes back soon :)

We went to a pumpkin patch while my dad was here.  We packed a picnic lunch and took pictures.  It was a lot of fun.

Grandad was so nice and he bought the babies stuffed animals and a push walker.  The babies have loved the walker and the animals.

While Grandad was here, we made a really quick trip to Galveston.  The babies rode on their first ferry ride! They had a lot of fun and they loved looking at each other through the windows.