Saturday, July 20, 2013

6 Months

I've been meaning to finish this for almost a month.  Things just got a little busy :)  Jon went to Canada for a few days  for work (the week they turned 6 mo) and it took me a little while to catch up!

While dad was in Canada :)

Can you seriously believe it?? 6 mo and everyone is still alive!  That's got to be worthy of some sort of an award!  I'll just pat myself on the back :)


Doc stats:
Weight:  15lbs 1oz (26.7%)
Height: 25.75" (44.77%)
Head: 16.93" (62.92%)

-Can roll from back to belly and belly to back

 -Likes to roll over the top of a boppy pillow when she is on the floor sitting for a few minutes to let her tummy settle after eating (reflux sucks)
-starting to sit for small periods of time unsupported- on July 4th she started to do really well.
-loves to jump
-can babble "dadadada"
-We call her our "little bird".  She loves to flap her arms.  She'll learn to fly before she crawls haha

-Loves the toy piano

-Drooling like crazy... no teeth yet

-Still has trouble with her bottle.

She eats better when she is sleeping.  We're working on that... I've spent a lot of time on the phone with her doc office this week about seeing a feeding specialist.  We'll see what happens with that.  She is doing so well though.  I am amazed with her and solids.  She actually swallows things instead of spitting it out :)  Little by little she is learning and growing. :)


Doc stats:
Weight: 16lbs 12oz (31.17%)
Height: 26.25" (38.17%)
Head: 17.44" (61.93%)

-Can sit unsupported really well

-Loves bath time and loves to splash- just watch out... you'll get a bath too!
-Can roll from stomach to back... he could roll back to stomach if he tried- but he just doesn't want to. He doesn't like tummy time

-Loves to hold onto toys with his feet when he's on his back
-Loves to "talk" and can also say "dadadada"
-Morning person- super happy to see you come get him in the morning. The happiest time of his day is after he eats at 7am.  Full belly and a good night's sleep!

The shirt says: "made with love (and science)" hehe.. fitting :)

They both love playing with their blankets.  They also love making forts with their play mats.  They both will giggle (or at least smile a lot).

Foods we have tried since turning 6mo:
-Sweet potato (Alton liked it- Ashlyn was just still struggling with trying to figure out solids when we tried it)
-Banana (Still getting the hang of the spoon.. lots of spitting out- but I think they liked it)
-Peas (They like it well enough.. but not too excited about it)
-Pear (Both loved it)
Avocado (both are loving this!)

(we normally feed them with a spoon out of a small dish lol... but when they finish whatever they have- we let them suck on their pouches just in case they want a little more :) )

Here is a size comparison- 2 mo in the bath tub vs 6mo!  Holy cow!  They are both getting too big for those bath slings now!

 Happy 6mo littles!  We love you very much!!