Sunday, July 29, 2007

My eight :-)

So, a little while ago, Beth "tagged" us and we've been slow to the taking. So, here it is :-) First, the rules of course- incase any of you lucky blog friends out there get picked... that means all of you because we don't have many blog friends.

Here are the rules:

A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. When I hiccup it is so severely violent that my whole body shakes. I only hiccup once- it's enough to scare the rest away... but when I have multiple... look out!

2. My nickname when I was growing up was, Little Crittle (think new last name).

3. Since my foot surgery last summer, I can make the "west-side" symbol with my toes.

4. If I could eat popsicles all day, I would. My favorite are the Fruit Bars with no sugar added.

5. I desperately need a step stool to carry around with me all day. At work, they gave me a little "locker" that is higher than I can reach on my tip-toes. That's the real reason I bring all my papers home.

6. I sing my heart out on the way to work. It is a 45min commute at 5am after all.

7. Wearing shoes around the house is a crime, not because I fear the carpet getting dirty, it's just because it's my way of saying I'm not at work anymore. If i don't take my shoes off, something is wrong.

8. One of the shows on TV that I really like to watch is, Take Home Chef- of which i'm kind've embarassed.

Well, there you have it. Here are the people we are tagging (Jon will do his eight soon)

Jeff and Venessa



Saturday, July 28, 2007

Great Advancements in Science

I seems that science has finally paid off for me. That's right, all the general advancements of the 20th (and now 21st!) centuries have all come together to create the ultimate in modern luxuries:

Personal Ice Cream!

That's right. I had heard about this place in Orem called Subzero Creamery that makes personal ice cream upon order. Now you might think, "Oh, but there are many places where you can order your own personal ice cream"

Not like this my friends and family. Not only do you just pick your flavor and mix-ins, but the ice cream is actually fresh. He mixes the liquid cream and then the flavors and mix-ins, and then the ice-cream maker walks over to a huge vat of liquid nitrogen and proceeds to flash freeze the crap out of your order. Within seconds and a huge cloud of....steam?...nitrogen smoke?...evaporation?...(whatever it is, I'm no chemist), your soupy mixture becomes fresh, completely frozen ice cream. It was delicious and super cheap for specialty ice cream.

The best part was that we had a coupon for two for the price of one. Add on to that where everything is 50 cents cheaper if you go before 9pm so it was about a quarter of the price of going to coldstone. Go us!

Also I have finished Harry Potter 7 and thought it was a great book. The ending was fantastic. Crystal hasn't finished it yet so I won't say much more, but I will say Jeff and I were similar in our thoughts beforehand.

That's a quick update from us. I hope everything is well, and Crystal will post about work soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a week so far....

There isn't much to say about my new job. I just sit in one class room from 6am to 2pm with a lunch break from 11-12pm. All we've been really focusing on are qualities we should have to work in the role that we were hired for. For example, today we had to make posters about 5 different qualities... my group got the "problem solver". The tasks are tedious and I feel they could go more smoothly if we stayed on task. I am enjoying it though- it's fun. I just wish that there was more of a schedule that we went by. Oh well, it's alright.

One really good thing that I discovered this week is that my job is down the street from the Jordan River Temple. I never saw it until I got to work when it was really dark out and it just stuck out like a sore thumb. I got really excited and went exploring my first day when they gave us over an hour lunch break.

So, for the next 6 1/2 weeks I will be going to sleep at around 8:45-9pm and getting up at 4:00am and leaving the house at 5am and getting home at 2:40-3pm depending on traffic. It has been pretty busy and I am exhausted already! Heh, and all I do is sit all day... I'm starting to feel pathetic. ;-) Like Jon always says... "Go benefits!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh! So it's Chicago that is the windy city!

We spent the entire last weekend with our ward.

On Thursday I took off early from work and Crystal and I went to the temple for our ward temple night for the month. There's not too much more to say about that. It was great but rather crazy. You see, the following temples are all currently closed for repair and cleaning for the rest of the month: Salt Lake, Jordan River, and Provo. That means we all funneled into the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Knowing this, we planned ahead and left way early. Crystal and I got into the chapel a little over an hour before our intended session and we nearly did not get in when we planned.

The Friday and Saturday of the weekend we were on a ward campout. We had planned to go to Black Hawk campground (I don't know if I spelled that right), but apparently a recent string of vicious bear attacks there greatly worried our bishop and his wife. Two days before the campout we received phone calls saying that the location of the campout was being moved to Woodland Hills (small city on the mountain). Apparently our bishop has his house on the mountain and owns a good portion of land that we could camp on. Turns out the Bishop's intuition (inspiration?) was correct because a bear was sighted wandering around Black Hawk on Thursday so the campground was closed for the weekend anyways.

True to form we showed up early and we, along with the 3 or 4 other on-time/early couples, fought for one of the few spots of flat ground to pitch our tent on(we were on a mountain after all). Don't worry, we were not greedy or pushy. Everyone single early/on-time couple had the perfect spot they wanted. The late stragglers though had to find open ground in the woods around the bishop's house. We had a great night and turned in ready for blissful slumber.

That was when we experienced what it must be like in Chicago for it to be dubbed the windy city. At roughly 1 in the morning we were startled awake by a shaking tent. The wind was ripping through the trees and pushing our tent to and fro. We were well-staked and stayed put, but that didn't stop the wind from causing our rain fly to flap on the sides, making slapping noises, and the sides of our tent to bulge in from the gale.

The interesting part was how with the wind roaring and us just laying in our tent how alone you felt. We couldn't hear any other couples and initially wondered if they all fled into the house for shelter from the rainless tempest. I got up and went outside to check the stakes and rain fly just in case and saw a completely different world. We were definitely not alone. At the time that I went outside to check on my tent, almost every husband of every tent that I could see was also doing the same thing, so we were definitely not alone in our suffering.

Luckily, we survived the night. In fact, our little on-sale-$20 tent performed absolutely perfectly in the maelstrom. We stayed perfectly staked in the ground and not a single latch or hook on our tent came undone throughout the hurricane. Way to go Criddles!

There was one couple who had about a 12 person tent (they said they never wanted to buy another tent after having a family), but their shelter was so huge that it acted like a sail in the wind and they were picked up by gusts and slid all over the side of the mountain, stakes and all. They only moved 5-10 feet, but when you're in a huge tent that is sliding around I'm sure it seems like more.

All in all we had a great time camping, though we may rethink camping on a mountain in the near future.

One last note, we were by far the fastest couple in pitching our tent because of the practice we had a couple nights before. Most of the other couples were reading directions as they went on confused and others just skipped the directions and experimented on their own. Let's hear it for preplanning.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Living Room Campout

Here is our living room right now:

We are going on a ward campout this weekend and needed a tent. We've been watching tent prices at big 5 (my favorite sporting goods store EVER!!!) and got this beauty on Tuesday. It is a 3 person tent, 7 X 7 feet, and Crystal can almost stand up straight inside. We got it on sale for a whopping $19.99 (reg $50).

Now we didn't want to use it for the first time at the campout and look like fools as we take it out of the original package:
"Okay now take the smaller pole out and insert end 'B' into the slot on side...uh...'R'...or something...the picture of this part kinda looks like a duck, is that supposed to be our tent?!!?"
"What small pole? There's only one pole. How can there BE a smaller pole if there's only one pole?!?!"
"Uhh...lemme study these directions more closely."
It didn't go like that at all, but we just didn't want to risk it. So we decided to set it up in our living room to make sure we could do it just fine. It went perfectly without a hitch. We're just expert...uhh...tent pitchers.

With rain cover:

Without rain cover:

After setting up our little tent we realized that you simply cannot set up a tent and not use it. Thus began our plan for our living room campout. The tent was conviently open towards the television (roughing it!) and we got our sleeping bags and pillows and settled in for the night. We had a great time and are really excited for our upcoming campout. Especially because the grass will be far softer than our carpet. Our bony backs need a vacation now.

Color Me Mine

Last week for date night, we decided to go to Color Me Mine. For those of you who don't know, it's a shop/studio where you can pick out already made pottery items from cups to frogs. You then pick out your paint and go to town. When you're done, you leave your items there for about 4 days and they are cooked... I know the word for the process, but I can't think of it at the moment- I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. It's a family business and they have different music artists come every Friday night to perform. You can reserve a table and you pay a "studio fee" + the cost of your item. Saturdays is a 2 for 1 studio fee + the items.

Anyways, we went on Friday and the owner gave us the Saturday cost- which was very nice of him. These are our creations. :-)

This is my bowl.. I know, a real masterpiece!
It's cute, I promise.

This is Jon's plate. His colors didn't turn out how he thought
they would be, but the design is cool.

This was a really fun date and when we got to pick up our things 4 days later, it was exciting to see the outcome. It's a perfect idea for those who aren't married or engaged. It's a guarantee for a return date!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This Ring was Made for Breakin'

As Crystal has previously described, my tungsten ring broke. It is one of the hardest metals which makes it scratch proof. The only problem is that because the metal is so hard, it is also completely unmalleable and very brittle. That means a little too much weight and you now have two rings.

The day it broke Crystal and I went to buy a new one. My plan was to buy the cheapest type, which is titanium. Usually they run between $90 and $150. I found one and was ready to say "okay" when the salesman said "Hold on a second, lemme check something".

My first worry was "Used-Car Salesman tactics!!" Then I remembered that I was at Wilson's which is nicely respectable. He came back with a similar looking Tungsten ring and said that with the discount, the tungsten one is actually cheaper for me. I had forgotten that if you buy a woman's engagement ring there, you get 40% off your first men's band from there, except for titanium. I didn't buy my original ring from there so it still counted as our first men's band, only 7 months late. So with the discount I spent less for the Tungsten one (apparently the price for Tungsten has dropped mucho recently).

Tonight we picked up my new bling and here is a picture. Forgive the darkness, I couldn't get a brighter looking picture. Just use your imaginations.

Now for the title:
What really sold me on buying tungsten again, aside from the fact that I love tungsten for its unscratchiness, was their warranty. For the rest of my life, as long as I remember where I got my ring from and can look them up on the internet, I can feel safe about my ring. If it ever breaks again, needs to be resized, or just even gets a scratch on it, all I have to do is give it back to them and they will replace it for free for the rest of my life. That means I really don't have to stress about protecting my ring all the time. If anything happens, Wilson pays, not me.

We love good deals in our family, and I just couldn't pass this one up. As the saying goes, "tungstens are forever!"...or was that diamonds?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tungsten IS breakable....

Really fast. Jon just called me from work telling me that he fell at the Ellsworth building (he wasn't hurt at all). He caught his fall with his hand and his wedding ring (made out of tungsten- the metal that never breaks or scratches) broke in half! It didn't have a scratch on it, which is impressive, but he was really nervous to call me, hehe. I'm just glad he's not hurt. :-) No matter what dad said during our wedding toast about our marriage being eternal because of the type of ring Jon has, it's not true- we could be wearing twisty ties and still have an eternal marriage. :-) Jon, don't worry about it. We'll figure something out. Love you.

Our busy 4th

We got up on at 6am and got ready to go to Kiwanis park for our race. We decided to park at my old complex (Sparks) to avoid the massive traffic. We jogged to the park and got in the starting line. After the mayor showed up, the gun shot and we were off. It really wasn't that bad. It was only a mile- but there were a lot of little kids running with their parents and they would randomly stop in front of you and you had to dodge 'em. It was just on the edge of the park that we ran and then at the end we funneled in with 5k runners at the finish. We ran through the shoot together- and we don't know our times. It looked like they were only timing the 5 and 10k runners (who could blame them for not posting a time for the mile run? hehe). Anyways, it was really fun though. We got free shirts and even medals- we must be cool. We grabbed some oranges and water and headed back to the car after cooling down.

We came home to find all the streets closed because of the parade. We watched it for a little while and we figured that it wasn't worth it to watch the whole thing. Then we relaxed for a few hours. George came over to visit (Jon's friend from home). He was really coming over to show off a truck he borrows from his roommate. I would have to say that Shane would be blown away by this one. It was huge, and even though George is tall, he looks puny next to it.

At 1:45pm we headed over to Nate and Jess's house to get ready to go tubing down the Provo River. We headed out after loading the car with bbq stuff. The people we talked to told us that they were located up in the canyon right after Bridal Veil falls. We got to the lot and there was a big shack and a little shack. The little shack had no one there, just a few tubes. The bigger shack looked a little more not sketchy... if that makes sense. We paid and after a half hour we got on a school bus and they drove us to where we were going to start. We got there and they were handing out tubes and Jon and I happened to be the last in line and instead of getting a tube equipped with handles and a donut hole with a bottom to it- we got these plastic white donut tubes with noting to grip or hold on to. The current was really strong and the water was FREEZING!!! Jon got caught in the current faster than the rest of us and shot down quite a ways. It was my turn and i shot down and my tube kept gravitating towards the trees on the side of the river and couldn't do much to get out of there. Finally, Nate and Jess got to me and pushed me out and I held on to their handles. Needless to say- this was NO lazy river!! We had to watch for rock and random stumps and try to stay away from the sides so we didn't get caught in branches. There was one time that Jon fell out of his tube- don't worry we had life jackets, and he had a tough time getting back on. Jon and I finally met up and we were holding onto each other because our tubes were so crappy. We then tried to paddle with our sandals to keep away from the sides. That didn't really work. I went flying into a tree trunk and my tube flipped over and Jon caught my life jacket so I didn't float away. After getting back on my tube it became a little easier for a bit until Nate and Jess got to us. It was really fun, but i'm not sure I'll be doing that any time soon! Not to mention my arms, back and chest are super sore from "paddling". It was fun though.

Then we headed over the Nuns Park and got out Nate's UFO grill and had some burgers and corn on the cob. Yum! Later we tried to find fireworks. We walked up to the Y parkinglot and we could see a few, but the view wasn't the best- so we drove to campus and we enjoyed the fireworks that were put on by the Stadium of Fire show. Then we went home and went to bed... talk about a full day!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Reasons Why Wives Are So Important

Exactly one year ago I got down on one knee and asked Crystal Sansoucie to marry me. It was the best choice I ever made to marry her. In honor of one wonderful year since, I decided to write a post giving a couple reasons, using pictures of course, of why wives are so important in the lives of men. Here is exhibit one:

I have been in DIRE need of a haircut. If life were completely up to us men, we would probably look like slobs all the time, not because it's what we want, but because we just don't always think of hygiene first.

Notice that I can cover half of my ears with hair.

And I have no idea what I was doing in this picture

And after

That's right, Crystal had had enough of my nasty ways. We used our new haircutting bib and now it looks far better. Reason one why wifes are so important, they keep us men looking civilized.

Next up is funnier to me. My old shoes were falling apart. While we were in Houston, Mom and Dad noticed and very graciously bought me a new pair from Kohls. Then when we got back to Utah I noticed my work boots were falling apart. So I thought, "why not?" and replaced those boots with my old worn out shoes. Being non-boots and seeing as I've worked in construction sites all summer, this is how they looked yesterday.


If you can't tell, the shoelace broke and now I've been tying the normal spot to where the broken lace comes through at the bottom of the shoe. Crystal, after laughing uproariously at me when she first saw how I put my shoe back together once it broke at work, would have no more of it.


Big 5 Sporting Goods was having a big holiday shoe sale so we went down there yesterday to find me some cheap work boots. We found these puppies which normally go for around 50 dollars for 12 bucks. Good deal!


Reason number 2 why wives are so important: They keep our clothes up to date. If it wasn't for wives, we men would still be in loin cloths.

I just wanted to post my two cents on a couple ways Crystal has made my life so much better. I love you, Crystal.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I thought the 4th was on Wednesday...

So, for the past few days the city has been putting up collapsible bleachers around. the streets. I figured it was for the 4th and the parade. Then today, people were putting tents all over center street and University Ave (downtown Provo). Jon and I were on our way to pick up our race registrations for the 4th and we passed a family who were well equipped to "rough it". Meaning, they had a 25" tv, a grill, probably a portable shower in the back, maybe even a spa... seeing as the "mom" was in a bathrobe and hair in a towel (no really, she was). They even had 2 LoveSaks! We figured out that the Freedom Days Fest is going on- now seeing that Center St. is closed down for a bunch of tents and things like that. I've seen it before, I've just never lived close enough to it. So, we're probably going to walk down tonight to see what's going on.

So, maybe you're wondering, "race? what race?" No worries, it's nothing big and Jon will still have his knees attached by the end of it. It's the Freedom One-Mile Fun Run. The mileage feels pathetic remembering how much I used to run for my long runs on Saturdays a few summers ago (20 mi!). However, we get those cool RFID chips that we can tie on our shoes so it will time us accurately- even if we start at the end of the pack! Since my foot surgery last year, I have had such a hard time starting up running again. I was out of commission for over 6 months. I have definitely gained my fair share of weight, not to mention while I'm trying to fatten Jon up (that'll be a long time before his metabolism catches up to his daily caloric in-take :-) ) Oh well. Some day!

PS: Grandma Howe.... I saw on our site meter that you were online on our site after midnight the other night, what were you doing up that early or should I say late? ;-)