Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This Ring was Made for Breakin'

As Crystal has previously described, my tungsten ring broke. It is one of the hardest metals which makes it scratch proof. The only problem is that because the metal is so hard, it is also completely unmalleable and very brittle. That means a little too much weight and you now have two rings.

The day it broke Crystal and I went to buy a new one. My plan was to buy the cheapest type, which is titanium. Usually they run between $90 and $150. I found one and was ready to say "okay" when the salesman said "Hold on a second, lemme check something".

My first worry was "Used-Car Salesman tactics!!" Then I remembered that I was at Wilson's which is nicely respectable. He came back with a similar looking Tungsten ring and said that with the discount, the tungsten one is actually cheaper for me. I had forgotten that if you buy a woman's engagement ring there, you get 40% off your first men's band from there, except for titanium. I didn't buy my original ring from there so it still counted as our first men's band, only 7 months late. So with the discount I spent less for the Tungsten one (apparently the price for Tungsten has dropped mucho recently).

Tonight we picked up my new bling and here is a picture. Forgive the darkness, I couldn't get a brighter looking picture. Just use your imaginations.

Now for the title:
What really sold me on buying tungsten again, aside from the fact that I love tungsten for its unscratchiness, was their warranty. For the rest of my life, as long as I remember where I got my ring from and can look them up on the internet, I can feel safe about my ring. If it ever breaks again, needs to be resized, or just even gets a scratch on it, all I have to do is give it back to them and they will replace it for free for the rest of my life. That means I really don't have to stress about protecting my ring all the time. If anything happens, Wilson pays, not me.

We love good deals in our family, and I just couldn't pass this one up. As the saying goes, "tungstens are forever!"...or was that diamonds?

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