Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Living Room Campout

Here is our living room right now:

We are going on a ward campout this weekend and needed a tent. We've been watching tent prices at big 5 (my favorite sporting goods store EVER!!!) and got this beauty on Tuesday. It is a 3 person tent, 7 X 7 feet, and Crystal can almost stand up straight inside. We got it on sale for a whopping $19.99 (reg $50).

Now we didn't want to use it for the first time at the campout and look like fools as we take it out of the original package:
"Okay now take the smaller pole out and insert end 'B' into the slot on side...uh...'R'...or something...the picture of this part kinda looks like a duck, is that supposed to be our tent?!!?"
"What small pole? There's only one pole. How can there BE a smaller pole if there's only one pole?!?!"
"Uhh...lemme study these directions more closely."
It didn't go like that at all, but we just didn't want to risk it. So we decided to set it up in our living room to make sure we could do it just fine. It went perfectly without a hitch. We're just expert...uhh...tent pitchers.

With rain cover:

Without rain cover:

After setting up our little tent we realized that you simply cannot set up a tent and not use it. Thus began our plan for our living room campout. The tent was conviently open towards the television (roughing it!) and we got our sleeping bags and pillows and settled in for the night. We had a great time and are really excited for our upcoming campout. Especially because the grass will be far softer than our carpet. Our bony backs need a vacation now.


Vanessa said...

you two crack me up with camping in your living room! We would have done the same thing, though. I'm glad to know that you will not embarrass yourselves setting it up this weekend.

bethany said...

That's really funny-we have one of those little kid tents if you ever want to borrow it-like if some of your friends want to come over and campout in your living room too. Doesn't look like there's room for two full size tents.

Clyde said...

I'm glad you guys are having such a fun time. Never lose that spark!

Danielle said...

lol!!! I love it! way to go! I wish they had a big 5 here in nh!