Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Reasons Why Wives Are So Important

Exactly one year ago I got down on one knee and asked Crystal Sansoucie to marry me. It was the best choice I ever made to marry her. In honor of one wonderful year since, I decided to write a post giving a couple reasons, using pictures of course, of why wives are so important in the lives of men. Here is exhibit one:

I have been in DIRE need of a haircut. If life were completely up to us men, we would probably look like slobs all the time, not because it's what we want, but because we just don't always think of hygiene first.

Notice that I can cover half of my ears with hair.

And I have no idea what I was doing in this picture

And after

That's right, Crystal had had enough of my nasty ways. We used our new haircutting bib and now it looks far better. Reason one why wifes are so important, they keep us men looking civilized.

Next up is funnier to me. My old shoes were falling apart. While we were in Houston, Mom and Dad noticed and very graciously bought me a new pair from Kohls. Then when we got back to Utah I noticed my work boots were falling apart. So I thought, "why not?" and replaced those boots with my old worn out shoes. Being non-boots and seeing as I've worked in construction sites all summer, this is how they looked yesterday.


If you can't tell, the shoelace broke and now I've been tying the normal spot to where the broken lace comes through at the bottom of the shoe. Crystal, after laughing uproariously at me when she first saw how I put my shoe back together once it broke at work, would have no more of it.


Big 5 Sporting Goods was having a big holiday shoe sale so we went down there yesterday to find me some cheap work boots. We found these puppies which normally go for around 50 dollars for 12 bucks. Good deal!


Reason number 2 why wives are so important: They keep our clothes up to date. If it wasn't for wives, we men would still be in loin cloths.

I just wanted to post my two cents on a couple ways Crystal has made my life so much better. I love you, Crystal.

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