Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finton & Gimery


- We hit 26 weeks yesterday- wahoo!!

- I am a BLIMP and I try really hard to avoid the waddle but can't always help it

- Per pregnancy books and other resources- the babies should be around 2lbs each... 4lbs of baby?? It's possible.  We'll have a better idea after our ultrasound on Monday of where they're at in weight :)

- Check the ticker on the right... we are in the double digit days (going off of the actual due date)

- I think I'm starting to have braxton hicks?  I used to think it was the babies rolling around... but my stomach gets wicked tight and firm.  After reading some preggers books and my little weekly newsletters.. I'm finding out that they could be b.hicks.. who knew??  I realize that these are normal and have been really painless.  However, the only concern I have is that yesterday and today I have had a few that were accompanied by some pain.  Not like "I'm dying" pain, but definitely more than just a little discomfort.  I called my Dr's office today and left a message.  I feel bad for whoever has to listen to that gem.  We'll see if anyone calls me back.

- My next appointment is on Monday.  Ultrasound, glucose test, reg appt and blood work.  Busy (and LONG) appt!

- I've started sewing fitted sheets for the cribs!  We now have both cribs and mattresses- woohoo!  I never thought I'd sew sheets, but it is a lot easier than I expected it to be!  There aren't a whole lot of options out there for mini cribs.  There are stores on etsy that will make really cute custom bedding, however, it is way more than I'm willing to spend.  My goal is to make 4-5 per kid.

Alright, let's talk names.  We can't decide.  I realize we don't need to settle on any now, but it's hard to imagine that this decision will get any easier by the time they get here haha.  We have 2 names for each of them that we really like as first names, however, we can't decide between the two!  So, for now, we have morphed them together to make talking about them easier lol.  Finton and Gimery (pronounced: Jim-ery).  I realize that these mash-ups are terrible haha... but for now, they will do :) Shouldn't each kid come born with a card letting us know what their name is supposed to be??

I had you going with the title of the post, huh? lol... I wonder if any of you thought those were the real names ;)

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