Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Stomach,

I only have a few requests, but I hope you find it within your lining to comply. Please let me sleep and don't wake me up at 3:30am on the dot every morning feeling sick. It's no fun for anyone. I finally was able to eat some real food tonight- please don't make me wish I hadn't given all that effort for nothing. I'm tired of eating saltines and drinking Sprite all day. I'm so hungry- but too sick to eat anything- how lame is that? It has been since Monday night that you have served as my body's personal war zone and now I am surrendering with the biggest white flag you've ever seen. Just let me sleep and eat real meals. I think I've lost like 5lbs within the last few days (even though I want to lose weight, this wasn't the way I wanted to lose it). Just pick on someone else your own size.


the girl who has been up since 4am this morning and came home after work and fell asleep and now is hoping i'll be able to go to bed.


*amber * cody * chandler* said...

Dear Crystal,
I am a big fat bully and relish in the misery that comes with purging my host of it's food, happiness and sanity. But you have a devoted friend who would love to bring you some chicken noodle soup, saltines, sprite and movies. Please call her and let her know when she can come by :)
your stomach

Brittny said...

Aw Crystal! I'm so sorry to hear that you feel so crummy! That's the pits. I second Amber, if there is *anything* that you need please give me a call! I'm home all day every day now. You can even think of it as your service project, I don't get very much human contact being at home all day so I'd be more than happy to come and help you with anything!

JoSue said...

Girl you told me you were getting better!! What the heck? Well I don't offer a great chicken Noodle soup or anything but we have some movies you could borrow if all you're feeling like doing is cuddling up on the couch! Let me know!

The Lorenzen'z said...

Sad day. I hope it's better by now. I'm so sorry.