Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not for the faint-of-heart

*Disclaimer: for those of you who may get uncomfortable at the sight of blood- this post is not for you (that means you, Brittny! :-) hehe- oh and ps to Brittny- let us know when that baby of yours decides to come out! He's late! ;-) )

People have been asking for the pictures and gory details of Jon's accident this week. I'm not sure how many details I can provide in writing that will sound really gory, but, I hope the last picture on this blog will do just that.

Our next blog will contain pictures of Jon's 2 new casts that he just got this morning. He has one to wear to bed and one that he has to wear all day. The one that he wears during the day looks like a serious torture device. To help your imaginations- it also looks like a fishing rod and line equipped w/ a weight (hehe) on the top of his hand or some nice head gear :-) He was a trooper through both fittings today though. It was pretty painful- but he kept a stiff upper lip. He will be in the cast for 5-6 weeks and then from there he will go into more physical therapy and we were given the 3 month time line again today. So, this will put a downer on the rest of his semester.. good thing he's not in a major that deals with computers all day long or something.. haha... nah, he'll be fine :-)

Anyways... this is where you need to stop reading if you aren't prepared for pictures. :-)

This is how I found Jon in the ER- doing the Jon wave :-)
"One of these is not like the others..."

His luxurious half room w/ a nice curtain

Leanna wanted to point out that there was
blood on the wall (not Jon's)

Here is Jon before they started to give
him all his shots (including a shot in the rear)

This is the actual surgery at the plastic surgeon's place.
They let us take pictures and watch as much as
we wanted. Jon was awake for the whole thing too.


Clyde J Criddle said...

Juan-nie - We are glad that you weren't more seriously hurt. (Are you going to wear gloves in the future?) I'm glad that it wasn't your right hand - how could you mouse?

You are in our prayers. Love ya!

Leanna said...

hmmm I wonder who took those marvelous pictures?? That last one is good enough to be in National Geographic...errrr.. Discovery Health?

Michelle said...

Bless your hearts! That is so tough. I hope the recovery goes ok and you have lots of powerful pain meds. You're a trooper C. I can't believe you were in the room for the surgery! And how 'bout some pics of this fishing rod cast?

JoSue said...

Those pictures were child's play! I barely flinched. However, I like gross stuff like that. Man, that is quite the cast. Who would've thought that a little injury to the finger (..:) would require so much rehabilitation!? Crazy. Anyway, just a heads up...Clark, on his way home from work at 4am this morning, saw people in tents lined up around the Marriott center. You better get your camping gear out tonight! :)

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

What a trooper! it's a good thing Jon is pretty much the most positive person in the world :) I'm glad Leanna took pictures, those are pretty sweet!