Monday, March 2, 2009

Common sense 101:

If you live in a furnished apartment- you CANNOT remove management's furniture without permission. If you've asked for permission and management has told you you "No, we cannot take that piece of furniture out..." That does not secretly mean "why yes- go ahead and move it outside your door and we'll come and get it no problem." Or, if you move it to a whole other side of the complex... management will find out who moved furniture and the owner can evict you. By saying that- it doesn't matter if you work in a law firm office- the owner can evict you for moving his/her property. Just because my job isn't in a law firm office doesn't mean I am any less of a human being than you. I do have a degree and contrary to your belief- I'm pretty dang smart.

The end.


*amber * cody * chandler* said...

who does that?! Rude! Are you going to evict them? You should take all the furniture they left out and stick it in their snooty tooty law office to deal with

Melissa (Irving) Meldrum said...

I work at a Property Management company and my favorite was a tenant who was also a Real estate agent and so they had access to the property and moved into it before their application was even approved! Let's just say they didn't get to stay in the property!!!

Crystal said...

no really.. the girl was really dumb. I hate confrontation- I get all nervous and I stutter.. it's just awful. So, I felt like the biggest idiot. The good thing was that my boss's wife was leaving right at the end of it and she opened the door and turned back and gave me a thumbs up and mouthed "good job!" heh.. hopefully she'll tell my boss about it. People really just amaze me.