Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updates... sort've

I apologize that there has been a lack of blogging. It's hard to write about stuff when there's nothing going on.. other than work. Jon is too busy to post right now about his Deloitte experience. I'm sure that will come in time.

On Saturday the 11th, I get to go visit him again! I am so excited! We actually have "plans" of things we want to do vs. last time I went to visit in June.. we had nothing planned hehe... It wasn't a big deal and I really enjoyed myself with everything that we did do. I just wish that I had taken more pictures!

Jon is really enjoying himself at Deloitte. He is apart of TMAS (don't ask me what it stands for...) but it's apart of tax. He has a lot of opportunities to work with his team and with clients. Last night he was able to go to an Astro's game with all of the other interns and their "buddies". I think he left during the 7th inning... it definitley wasn't a Red Sox game :-) Let's see... he takes the bus every day to go to and from work. Not the most exciting commute, but at least he doesn't have drive through rush hour.

Anyways, I will let him fill in the rest once he has time to post.

Sorry that this is a lame blog... but there really isn't too much going on on my end. Work is crazy. I am ready for another vaction. Right now is the busiest week of the year. Rent is due, all tenants are resigning, and I have to fill everyone on the waiting list for fall... did I mention that my boss is in Costa Rica? I guess this is pay back for making him do it alone last year when I was in Arkansas ;-).

PS: I forgot to post this- but I finished reading a new book called "The Girl Who Could Fly" it was such a cute book. It definitely had an x-men feel to it crossed with little house on the prarie... but I loved it and recommend it for a good summer read.


Bree said...
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Breanne King said...

hey crystal thanks! You made me feel better...see you tomorrow at church!

Brooke said...

I'm glad you and the hubby are doing alright! And congrats on the run!

-Brooke Buie