Saturday, July 4, 2009

I did it!!!!

Today I ran the freedom 10k run!! In case anyone cares to know my time.. it was right around one hour and 4 minutes. Not too shabby for a surgery recovered foot!! I ran it with two amazing girls and they both did awesome! I couldn't have run that whole thing w/o stopping to walk without them.

The only thing that I would've changed about it was to have Jon there at the finish line. He's always good at sticking at the finish line and being at the end cheering and is good for high five. I'd say hug... but no one wants to hug a sweaty person. That's just gross. Anyways, he would've been there if we could afford plane tickets for him to come out for the weekend, but unfortunately, they were like $700-$800!!! Craziness!

My next running adventure is on July 24th. I am running the Pioneer Day Classic.... aka: race of death. It's just a 10k... but if you've never been up foothill drive... you should. You're jaws will drop at the bottom of the hill and you won't be able to pull them back up... ever. Heh, and i'm also considering doing a half marathon on August 8th.

Sorry no pictures... you can thank me later. I wouldn't want to see a sweaty runner either. :-)


Clyde J Criddle said...

We're glad you did so well. I won't be able to keep up with you when you come later this month. But then again, it's too hot here in Houston to run. Good on ya, girl!

Jon said...

Way to go, Crystal, you rock. I'm sorry I wasn't there to high five you at the finish line. We were cheering for you from Houston though.
I love you

Anne said...

Yea for Crystal! Sorry we couldn't all be there to cheer you on. You did us all proud.

Vanessa said...

Crystal, you are inspiring me to get back into running a bit more-I even bought new shoes last week, and have used them once! :) Way to go for finishing the race, and all of the runs that you've been posting on your running blog. Keep up all the great work, and I wish I could see you more often.

allie said...

Go you!

Holley said...

we have pictures of the run, i will have to email them to you! that was a lot of fun, i am so glad we did it!