Sunday, June 10, 2007

What would have been

For our first planned date together (way back when, I know!) I had invited Crystal to go bowling with me. At first, blinded by my good looks and charm, she accepted. After I left, however, she developed second thoughts. Not about my looks of course, but about bowling. So she used her womanly wiles to convince me that we should go putt putt instead. For anyone who does not know what "putt putt" is, it is better known as mini-golf. Putt putt is just funner to say.

So we had an amazing time, topped off by a game of pool in her apartment clubhouse. I have since told her many times that it was her madd skillz at pool that made me fall in love with her. In honor of that lost first date of bowling, and for lack of better ideas for activites, on Friday night, we decided to relive "what would have been!"

Crystal spend no less than 10 minutes preparing me for her expected failure at bowling. "Last time I bowled, I only scored a twenty!"(in a high pitched girly voice). She vowed that she they only have candlepin bowling in NH, not 10 pin. Candlepin is a bizarre form of bowling. The ball is the size of a croquet ball and you get three rolls per frame and the pins look like candlesticks...hence the name, I'm sure you figured that out though.

I took the opportunity to give Crystal a 20 second lesson on how to hold a bowling ball and which fingers to put in which holes and where...after she broke a couple fingernails holding it wrong. She then proceeded to rock my world in bowling. The second game she even led for like the first 5 frames. That is until I hit all those strikes. *rubs fingernails on chest in bragging fashion* Yeah all those strikes means one.

Anyways, all told it was a fantastic fun time, and I made sure to inform her, that if we had bowled for our first date, I would have fallen in love with her madd bowling skillz and broken nails.

Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures at the alley, so I am including a few from our summer including our lagoon trip.

Here's my windswept beauty at Galveston

Next comes the pictures from out hotel when we went to Lagoon. Here you see the fantastic photographer

Here I am finally in front of "Ye Olde Blacksmithe"

I know these pictures are pretty repetitive, but here's Crystal from the top of the Ferriswheel, beautiful area surrounding.

And last but not least, we have this little gem. This is what we found in our dumpster yesterday. Complete with lights and tinsel and those wrap-around wreath-things. Now I know that it's good to keep the spirit of Christmas around at all times, but come on. That's a real tree sitting in the trash can that's been rotting in someone's apartment for the last, oh, 5 months. Let's keep the spirit, and not the tree.


Clyde said...

Jon, you could have salvaged the Christmas tree lights!

Zak said...

I hope you took that Christmas tree home. For it being June 10 it looked in great condition. It could have started a wonderful family tradition of finding trash and using it as Christmas decoration.

bethany said...

Why is it that Dad comments on your blog ALL THE TIME! and never on me. Is he playing favorites? :)

Jon said...

Hey, you got that cute kid all over your blog, I need all the help I can get!