Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What happens in Vegas

I guess I will break the common terrible jingle that you hear about Vegas by talking about our experience instead of letting it stay there.

First off, a picture! Here we are at the bridge outside the New York New York. After being in REAL New York, I must admit they did a fantastic job reinventing the feel of it.

This next one is for Leanna...that is unless she isn't a huge fan of Egyptian stuff anymore, in the which case, she can just ignore the next few, or deal with them. Here we are with a giant statue. I'm trying to look like the statue, but apparently I didn't do so well at letting Crystal know that was the plan because here I am trying to look rigid and statue-like and she is just looking beautiful instead. You can't win 'em all.

Also, while we're on the Egyptian theme, there were these really ugly goat horse things next to the big statues. Plus I don't think many people have met Nate and Jess before so here's a picture of them. Can you tell Nate's in the military?

Oh right, I'm supposed to be talking about Vegas, not just showing pictures. Crystal did a fantastic job at telling most of it so I'll see what I can add.

I'm supposed to mention the food part of it. Everyone who reads this is well aware of my obsession with eating delicious food. It will come as no surprise, then that I absolutely loved the food part of Vegas. Super quality super cheap buffets everywhere. If you know when you want to eat too, you can get even cheaper. There were places offering steak and lobster buffets for 8 dollars each as long as your willing to eat between 9 and 11pm at night. We decided to go to the Excalibur for lunch. Mainly because that's where we were when we were hungry. I can describe the buffet as incredasweet with all the options I could want. I ate everything from a Mexican taco to orange chicken and italian sausage. They even had roast beast and all the salads you could imagine.

Then I found the desert bar.

We started out by bringing just about one of everything over to our table. We all tried them and found out what we each liked best. Then we went back and I got multiples of everything I liked. That means three more carrot cakes, some eclairs, brownies, and cookies. Not to mention the ice cream. In all likely hood, I ate my cost (and Crystal's!) many many times over. After our delicious meal we had to wait around for another 10 minutes or so for everything to settle before we moved on.

One more Vegas comment is that it forced me to walk properly. Being rather tall, I learned in New Jersey that I have to watch the ground when I walk. It has a nasty habit of jumping out at me and tripping me up if I am not constantly on my guard. Kinda causes disasters when you're trying to keep street cred in the ghetto otherwise no you get no teaching. I continue my down-trodden way of walking today. Well, in Vegas, we very quickly learned NOT to look down at the ground when walking on the strip. I kept my eyes up thinking that would be better. You all know that didn't last long at all. So I spent the rest of the time looking straight forward or at Crystal. Never fear though, I've resumed my awkward gait now that we're home.

Now for one more picture. We had to go for the classic picture of Las Vegas. You can't even make us out in this picture, so this one is more for the scenery. Notice the strategic positioning of the camera so as not to include the giant video display directly across from "Vegas Vick".


Leanna said...

ahaha i remember when I was obsessed with egypt! haha good times. the luxor is a pretty cool place though. Was the Blue Man Group still doing shows there?

Crystal said...

you win- no one likes mine. oh well. ;-)