Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lousy Interweb

If we are ever able to maintain internet for more than two days a week I promise we will be slightly more frequent in the posting department. That being said, I will briefly give our plans for the near future:

Viva Las Vegas
Nate is from Vegas so we are carpooling down there with him and his wife, Jess. We'll spend the weekend there staying at Nate's parents house. Then we'll explore vegas and all the free stuff etcetera. It will be an opportunity for Crystal and I to visit Vegas for the first time for each of us for (I use "for" too much) really cheap with a great guide.

Partying with the Big Wigs
Crystal gets to go to a welcoming party with Comcast a week from today. She impressed everyone at her interview and now gets to shine at her little party. We also went to Comcast this Tuesday to drop off Crystal's new license (she's finally a full Criddle!) and social security card and they were amazed again (they are really excited for her) so I'm not too worried about her party.

That just about sums up the big exciting parts of our lives. Vegas and Crystal's party, though I don't get to go to the second one. Life is wonderful, we are happy, and things couldn't be better.

Except maybe our internet...


bethany said...

Sounds fun-but Vegas is really overrated. The only place that I really recommend going is Goodwill. The Goodwills in that city are AMAZING!! You will come back with something BRAND NEW from Target that you bought at Goodwill. No really, you should find a Goodwill and go-I won't be able to call you family if you don't.

Leannabanana1991 said...

I made a blog! but I don't know how to use it :(