Monday, June 25, 2007

We made 40 bucks in Vegas...

This weekend we went to Vegas with our friends, Nate and Jess. Nate is from Vegas- so we were fortunate to be able to stay at his parent's house for free- meaning: this trip was going to be pretty cheap.

We left at around 6pm on Friday- seeing as both Jess and I got off of work a little after 5pm. We packed our bags and of course our "goodies" and we were on our way. After stuffing our faces and a pit stop later we arrived at around midnight. The glow of Las Vegas was amazing. It definitely lived up to the hype of the "city of lights". We realize that most of you have already been at least once- so this is no news to you- but we thought it was cool.

Anyways, after driving down the strip to see all the lights we went to Nate's parent's house- dropped our stuff in the rooms, brushed our teeth and flopped into bed and before we knew it- we were up again. We left the house around 10am and it was already 90 degrees! We decided that we would hop from casino to casino so we could cool off and get waters.

We started off at the Belagio and headed down the strip from there. The themes in the buildings were amazing. We hit the Luxar, excalibar, NYNY, Paris, Mirage, tahition, treasure island, MGM Grande (which is where we got $40), caesar's palace... You have to remember though, I am 4'11". I was with people who were about 6' tall (or taller)- meaning- when they sped up just a bit- I'm running along side of them... no really. It was quite embarassing- usually when we were crossing an intersection. It's alright though- I got more exercise, right? I guess it'a a good thing I was jogging a bit- I never had problems with the sketchy people on the sidewalk trying to hand out "things".

Before I bore you- I will explain how we got $40- and we weren't even gambling! When we walked into the MGM a guy hounded us with free tickets and we took them not really knowing what they were. We had to go watch a show for a half hour and then rate it. We figured that we had been walking long enough- so sitting in the AC would do us some good. We got our tickets checked by this lady and we sat down in a room and watched the most boring show in the entire world. It was a new Saturday Early Morning show in NY- I like the news and things like this- but this was horrible. I fell asleep! Afterwards we had to fill out a survey about the show and what we thought. Then we were told that we were eligible to get $20 ea. We went to another room with a crazy lady and sat at computers and she treated us like we were 4yrs old. It was the 4 of us along with a few old people. the survey was all about how we felt about people keeping track of what we watch on TV and what we do on the internet. At the end, Jon walked by when I was about to finish and he pointed at my screen and the lady almost ran him down because she thought he was answering something for me. Then she commented on how we were from BYU and how she had this friend who went there and got married, dropped out and has like 6 kids. She was gloating in glory that she was 30, single with no kids and having the time of her life- so she said. This left us feeling a little awkward... but she handed us envelopes- each with $20 cash! So all in all- we only spent $40 for our whole trip. :-)

I will let Jon write about other stuff that we did including the buffet- because we all know how much he loves food, I'm still not sure where he puts it all. We made it home safe Sunday evening and we had a blast.

Here are some photos.

This is us pretending we got to go to disney land... close enough. :-)

And of course... the Ocean 11 picture... almost. :-)

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Vanessa said...

Happy now Crystal? :) I loved reading both entries. Good for you for making $40, that's sweet. I understand what Jon said about not having too many safe places to look when you walk down there. Growing up there, my family and I ate at the Excalibur buffet many many times. It was always our fav b/c of the food and the cool stage shows they had outside the buffet. Back then they were good for kids, I don't know if they still are.