Saturday, June 16, 2007

Living Room Version 2.0

Being newlyweds, it's understood that we like to snuggle. That being true, we have still been hoping to get a new couch with slightly more room than our loveseat. We like the love-seat and we like to snuggle, but let's face it, I'm an ogre and take up mucho spaco. So we were elated when our hometeacher called last night and asked if we wanted his old couch (they just bought new ones). It came with a slip cover, which I had previously no idea what they were, no matter how many explanations C gave me. I just always imaged the water/child proof plastic covers that made my life terrible in the no AC summers of New Jersey. Here is the picture of the new addition to our living room. I swear it's no where near as ugly as it looks in this picture I took...I'm just a terrible photographer. And we need to readjust the cover after sliding it around all morning.

We understood the dire need for the cover when we peeked underneath and found this beauty. Now I know I'm all retro and plaid can be cool, just remember, that's the back corner of the couch and the nicest looking section of plaid, or "Gangham" or "Gig'em" or something as Crystal says it's called. Whatever that means. The rest of the couch is more worn out. The cover's nice though! We went to target today to look into getting a matching cover for our loveseat and were shocked to find them costing 80 dollars...So we just bought a new scrub brush for washing dishes and left with our tails between our legs.

Now that we found ourselves with two couches in our living room, we needed some remodling. In hindsight we should have taken 'before' pictures to throw in with our 'after' pictures, but looks like y'all dodged that bullet. Now that we have moved everything around, we are proud to present our living room version 2.0.

This picture is superdark because of the light coming into the window but atleast y'all can see where we put both couches. The loveseat now resides under the window. That's Crystal's hard earned diploma in the top right. Those are also new curtains we got for like 4 dollars at walmart. If you also look next to our door you will see a contraption holding our mail. At Ikea a couple weeks ago we found it, it's actually a "kitchen pot lid holder", though we can't for our lives figure out someone would use it for that purpose, but it holds our bills (with dates to remind us every time we leave the house), movies to return to blockbuster, etc. Handy.

Here I am standing in the door looking in. On either side of the clock is the Family Proclamation and our wedding certificate from the temple. Also, as you can see, we moved our massive entertainment center (thanks again beth!) to being perpindicular with the window.
Continuing on you have the piano with all Crystal's piano books, she is currently using and goiug through them, we just had to close them when we moved the piano from under the window. Also, notice the bouqwteyiwet also known as crystal's flowers adorning the piano making it look nice. We also put our reception flutes and a picture of us feeding cake to each other there. Now that y'all are all gagging I'll move on.
Please ignore the supre messy computer desk and kitchen table. In the process of moving, many things were displaced and we have yet to return them.
One last apartment picture is taken from just in front of the computer showing all the open room we still have now having two couches. Go us!
And one last picture overall is to show just how spacious the new couch is. Here it is with me laying on it to show off it's length. Oh yeah, and I'm fanning myself with all the money we saved from getting the couch for free...yeah...that's right...all ones, baby.

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Crystal said...

The pictures of the couch really do look ugly... it really isn't that nasty barf green. It's "palm tree" green... so the slip cover says. I'm just not the biggest fan of gingham... customers at take-out ask for those table covers all the time and it just makes me think of big barn yard picnic with relatives that you don't even know. Oh well- it was FREE!! Who in our family doesn't love good things for free? I rest my case. Bring on the suede.