Friday, June 15, 2007

Tonight, Jon and I decided to support a good friend of ours that is currently in the play, "Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown!" at BYU. The play pretty much stuck to the comics and they did a good job at it. However, I wanted to note their costumes. First, the set was a GIANT Lego set and that was really neat. Their clothes were made out of foam and so were their wigs. In the picture above that is "Linus" and "Lucy" Lucy was played by our friend, Makenna. The boys wore shirts that went to their knees and then shorts under it and it made them look like kids. the girls wore dresses and big bows in their hair. their shoes were also really neat- they were big and squishy. And of course, Snoopy was very lively.

Other good news: our friend, Jordan called us today and told us that he and his wife are getting rid of their couch because they are getting new furniture. So, we're getting a really great couch (3 seater) for free!! It beats our ugly love seat that sinks to the floor... hehe. Well, it was in an apt. of boys before it landed up in our living room- what do you expect? So, we're moving that in tomorrow morning- we're really really excited. So now we have to rearrange our living room again. We have our piano, a book shelf, our entertainment area (thanks Beth!), a computer desk and filing cabinet and i'm not sure how we're going to move everything around. So, Jon is sitting here hammering away at 10:30pm at our bookshelf that's falling apart- it's a good thing we're in an apartment complex because no one is going to hear us and come knocking on our door yelling at us. eh, it's alright- it's a Friday night- that's our only excuse.

Then tomorrow- we are going tubing down the Provo river with our friends, Nate and Jess. We've never been- it should be fun. It's supposed to be really hot tomorrow- i'm just afraid of how cold the water will be. At least I don't have to work, right?

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Jon said...

This is why we have so many friends in our complex.

I only put about 100 nails in the backing of the bookcase so hopefully it should be able to withstand pretty much a tornado and earthquake at the same time and not be breaking anymore, but if it ever does break again, it's done for. I just had to add that in because you couldn't tell from the picture that there's a nail every inch...literally.