Sunday, June 3, 2007

All we want is your free crap

Everyone always hears about how bad the presentations for timeshares are. They show a video and then pressure you immensely making sure everyone in the room hears about when someone else buys. The point is to make you feel like "everyone else is doing it so now it's your turn". Why do people always attend these things then one might ask. The answer is in how they give away free stuff for going. The catch is they try to guilt and pressure you mucho. After reading this introduction and the title to this post, I'm pretty sure everyone has figured out that Crystal and I just did this, but before you tell us it was a bad choice, let me first tell you all about it.

Crystal and I were already planning on going to the Anniversary Inn later this year, hopefully close to our anniversary of course. For anyone who doesn't know what Anniversary Inn is, it is bed-and-breakfast themed hotel rooms meaning your room is just like being in a log cabin, or on a jungle safari etc. They are just fun. We heard about the time share thing when we were at Lagoon last week and had a quick little discussion among ourselves. We figured we're planning on going to Anniversary Inn anyways, and this way, we would be able to do it for free if we listen to their little shpeel. We knew there would be a lot of annoying pressure to spend our money, but let's face it...we didn't have money to spend anyways so how can their offer be even the least bit tempting?

True, eh?

So we agreed and yesterday drove up to South Jordan for "The Presentation!" Bum bum BUUMM (scary music)!!! We also had to drive up there anyways because it was the same exit Crystal needs to go to her interview on Wednesday and we wanted to scope out the drive, so everything really worked fantastic-like.

It started off with us meeting our representative for 5 minutes so he can try and figure us out and prepare a personal package to butter us up with. Then we go back to a big room for a group presentation and video about how amazingly awesome using timeshare is blah blah blah and if you don't purchase, then you obviously don't love your family. It really wasn't too bad though. After that little shindig, we return to our representative who is anxiously awaiting us.

He proceeds to try and show how not buying is a crime and asks if basically want to remain criminals or buy his little package. We shot him down nicely. Nothing he said really bothered or even slightly enticed us. You know we did something right when at the end of his offer he says, "You know, I feel like there's just this wall that I can't overcome." We just thought to ourselves, "We really just want your free crap."

Don't worry, we were very kind and polite in adamantly refusing their offers. There are far more important expenses for us in the next 5 years then trying to payoff a timeshare. Besides, it's more fun to visit family.

And now that it's all said and done, I must say that I'm really glad that we did it. The pressure wasn't nearly as bad as we expected, and I ate plently of free hotdogs and chips to make it worth my while. We learned several things:
1. Information about timeshares which was interesting though not really tempting right now
2. has no clue where comcast is (but we do now!)
3. And we just saved ourselves about $150 by spending 90 minutes saying no.


Clyde said...

Mom and I have done a few timeshare presentations in the past ourselves. As long as you can withstand the pressure you will receive, it's a good way to get free stuff.

Jon said...

My favorite quote from the event was when he said he could tailor the plan to fit us. "We could even give you a plan that costs you $20 a month." Then he did the used car saleman thing and left to talk to his boss.

I thought to myself "and then take 90 years to pay off at that rate ignoring interest."

Then he came back and said he could only go as low a $200 a month. We thought it was funny that his estimates we so accurate.

bethany said...

Zak and I have gotten at least $500 worth of stuff-including free flights once-from these things. We always tell them up front we just want the stuff hoping that they won't go through the whole dumb thing, but to avail. Once they were really rude to us, but the other times I think they were used to being rejected. Good job to carry on the tradition!!