Thursday, May 31, 2007

The unruly women at BYU Take-Out

Everyone knows that some women can be a handful sometimes. However, there are a few that take the cake. I just thought I would share some of my stories with you about my "adventures" at take-out.

A woman walked into the office and what looked like her daughter and her son tagging along- she came up to my desk and started to ask me all different kinds of questions of what we offer and do we cater. This particular woman wanted an ice cream buffet- "the theme of the wedding!" she said...

well... a. we don't cater- we are designed so you can pick up your food/paper goods and they are ready to serve.. we're ghetto. B. everything is made to order and we don't make anything at our location and we really don't have anything on hand.. oh and those 3 Liter bottles of the "Y Sparkle" aren't for sale.. they're just water with food coloring... like I said- we don't carry the food C. you need to give us at least a weeks notice.

Of course I didn't say this to her- I kindly explained our polices and she hummed and hawwed. Then I see her daughter and who I was now hoping was not her son smooching face in the corner. This is a normal occurrence- the person with the $BLING$ walks in and asks questions- the bride and groom to be sit in our chairs and show PDA in ways you'd never imagine. Moving on... She asks me if she can get all of this ice cream for the next day (for 800 people). I had to tell her no and she had a fit. The daughter started to sniffle and the fiance didn't notice and went on with his business. She then told me that we were a horrible establishment. I then apologized for the inconvenience. Although, I'm pretty sure she knew about this wedding at least a few months earlier. hmm...

This brings me to my next point... even though we're BYU and in UT... it doesn't mean we're immediately a COSTCO or Sam's. We're a ghetto form of catering. We sell hot dogs by the case (1000) and all we have on hand is paper goods and nuts.

I do love my job as a consultant. It's great- I just usually have great stories and good laughs when I come home- including the fact that I use a hook knife (a knife used for cutting carpet) to cut brownies when I am helping in the back. Then there's the classic question that I get everyday: do you have doors to get in? heh, that makes me laugh a lot. Good times at Take-Out.

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