Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What will it be? Snips and snails? Sugar and spice?

Okay, so I've been dying to put this up here since we found out the genders on Friday!  I guess I could've forgone the scratch ticket thing and blabbed it all on Friday... but we were so excited and wanted to do something special for it- can you blame us?? Years of shots, tons of doctor visits and procedures and we finally are here! 

We have been blessed more than we deserve.

We went to the temple on Saturday night celebrating my father-in-law's birthday.  We did sealings as a family and then we were able to sit in the celestial room for a little while.  I know being pregnant makes you more apt to be hormonal... but I definitely got weepy while in the celestial room because I started thinking back about everything we have done and gone through to get here and I know that we couldn't have made it this far without our loving Heavenly Father.  His timing is always right. We couldn't be more thankful and we know that we have been given a wonderful gift. 

With that said, I am 19 weeks preggers today!  I still have a ways to go, but things are looking great!  Our ultrasound could not have gone better on Friday.  The babies are developing the way they should and all looks wonderful.  There was definitely no question on what the genders were.  :)

We saw our Baby A and HE is super precious :)  He is weighing in at 8oz and all of his measurements were normal.  He wasn't shy either lol.  We saw him first and after we found out it was a boy I looked over at Jon who just had this goofy smile on his face and I said "So, are you planning out all your football and basketball watching?"  He had a good laugh and then said "Forget watching! Playing!!"

Then came Baby B.  This little one was on the move! SHE was quite the active little one!  She weighed in at 9oz, her head is in the 97th percentile lol and she had a chubby belly.  So cute!  At this point I don't know if Jon was holding back tears, but he was holding my hand and he was shaking.  He said to me "we got our girl!" The night before the ultrasound I asked Jon what he thought we were having and he said that he felt like we had at least one girl :)  Sweet.  She is going to have him wrapped around her little fingers!

 Here's the winning scratch ticket  (they came out so good!)

The ultrasound itself was 2 hours.  We were there for almost 3.  We didn't go to our regular doctor (I think I mentioned this in a previous post) for this anatomy scan.  It was a specialist.  The ultrasound tech was a little gloomy.  I think she was having a rough morning.  She thought we already knew what we were having so when she showed us baby A first she was like "well... 'sigh' there's the boy" and we were both like.. "Wait! What?? Go back!"

Dr. Tam Tam who came in after to go over the ultrasound and to do his own scan was a little on the weird side.  His delivery of information was really awkward.  When he was telling us something good he would build it up to sound like it was going to be something terrible  and then would end it as "so all of this is excellent" lol.  Then he tried to get me make an appointment with his dietitian because he didn't see a need to schedule me for any other visits. He said that seeing a dietitian gives mom's of multiples an opportunity to spend more than an hour talking with someone about nutrition.  I politely declined.  Christy- I'm sure you can relate to this!  After hearing your story the whole thing seemed comical while he was talking. 

Yep... we're going to have our hands full, but we are completely over the moon in excitement!


What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"


Shannon said...

One of each!! So happy for you both..I guess the next big announcement will be names. I know that probably won't be until the birth which is ok, but looking forward to the selections! On another much for sharing clothes and toys between the two of them, this just keeps getting more and more!

amber {and co.} said...

Crystal I totally teared up while reading this!! We could not be happier for you guys- I honestly cannot think of two people more deserving of a baby (babies!) than you and Jon, you are going to be the most awesome parents! Those are two lucky little babies!and SO excited that you get BOTH a boy and a girl- talk about the best of both worlds! I'm going to go through all of my boys' stuff this weekend for you guys, there's no one I would rather pass on my super cute boy things to than your little man! CONGRATS again, we love you guys!

jess said...

Ahhhhhh! How exciting! I'm thrilled for you both!

Brittny said...

Yay, yay, yay, YAY!! So excited, congrats :)

Leanna said...

definitely teared up reading this. I'm so happy for yall

Amy said...

I think one of each is AWESOME! So excited for you guys! You are going to be great parents. :)

Camber said...

Yaaaaaay! One of each is perfect (and I guessed right!). You can dress them the same in green :) Plus you'll never have to worry about mixing them up by accident. I'm so excited for you guys!

Shane said...

We are so happy for you guys!!
One of each is so perfect.
And your right about having your
hands full. Double trouble!! LOL
Can't wait to meet them!!