Friday, August 17, 2012

Scratch Tickets!!

Here is the winning scratch ticket!  Remember, I'm not writing anything on the blog about the results until the rest of my family finds out- family trumps everything :)  I'm so happy how these came out!  My awesome scratch off parts that I made with metallic acrylic paint and dish soap were perfect! 

Keep voting! We'll announce the results on Wednesday ;)  Sorry... I know you all are just dying here! 

For now, here are the babies profiles for you to enjoy :)

Twin A

Twin B


Brittny said...

Those are beautiful profiles of your babies! I'll be anxiously waiting by my computer on Wednesday to see the results!

Stephanie C. said...

They are adorable!

amber {and co.} said...

Awww I love it! They're already adorable Ü love the scratch ticket idea, I may steal that in the future (if I can convince Cody that there's going to be a third baby, ha!) I'm guessing that twin A is a boy and twin B is a girl! Ü love you guys!

Sweet Fairy said...

These are great. Where i can get the best Scratch Cards Printing machine?