Friday, August 10, 2012

NH pt 3- Last NH post!

Thursday (our final day) was a more relaxing day :)  We went with my dad and met my Uncle Roger for breakfast (what's new lol).  After that we headed to Walmart to pick up drinks and ice for a planned BBQ at my sister, Shannon's house.  Dad kept piling in drinks into the cart and Jon and I kept looking at each other like "isn't that too much for only like 10 people??"  I didn't bother asking, because I figured my dad knew what he was doing and was probably planning on left overs.  So, I just let that slide :)

Now, I realize most of you have never had to do this and it will probably sound really weird, but in the town I grew up in NH- we don't have a trash pick up.  So, you are required to pack up your own trash and drive it down to "the dump".  When you get there you have to pull up and there is this little building where you throw your trash bags into trucks that are parked under the building.  There are also sections for recycling, brush, old appliances... etc.  Anyways, so when we got back to my dad's house, we piled up the garbage bags and headed to the dump... lol.

When we got back to Dad's he asked Jon to help him with an antenna that he had put up on the side of his house.  He has a tower on the side of his house that used to be for ham radio use.  Anyways, so he put the antenna on the tower and he wasn't getting some of the TV channels he wanted and he needed someone to help him turn it.  So... Jon was brave and climbed up!  I won't lie, I was nervous for the whole thing because I knew Jon had never climbed up something like this before (it's harder than it looks).  Although, after finding out that my dad has been climbing it by himself freaked us both out- so Jon was that much more willing to do it.  Dad really appreciated it.

Once that was done, we just hung out and relaxed until it was time to go to Shannon's house.  When we got there, there were a few extra cars that I didn't recognize.  When we headed to the back of their house, I saw balloons on their shed and I knew something was up.

The shed "UP" house lol

It was a surprise baby shower!!  I was in serious disbelief!  My family had planned an UP themed shower for us and it was so cute!  

When we got there we were adorned with "mom and dad to be" pins

There were balloons everywhere, the UP movie was playing inside for the kids and there cute little details everywhere.

This was one of the first things we saw.  My brother-in-law, Ron made this awesome banner for us.  This is the actual file- pictures just don't do it justice!  This will be going in our nursery for sure.


My brother, Scott made us this really cute adventure book that we used as our guest signing book.  He also made small "grape soda" decals that went with our favors- so freaking cute!

 Angel and Leah put this together- cupcakes that looked like balloons coming out of the UP house!

Shannon made the popcorn favors, really cute rubber duck punch (hehe) she also put out these awesome collages of pictures of our family and tons of pictures of my mom.  It was like she was there too :)  I know there were so many other details she put into this- balloons, food etc...

Two dolls signifying twins lol... the doll on the right was made by my mom.  My sister, Leah made the other one.  The basket is full of the popcorn favors- you can see the grape soda decal Scott made too!

Ron manned the burgers and hot dogs :)  He also made our invitation!

 In attendance:

Shannon, Ron, Madison, Scott, Angel, Hunter, Jacob, Dale, Leah, Alina, Eleanor, Dad, Jackie (Ron's mom), Debbie, Chuck, Kyle, Melissa, Uncle Roger, Charlene, Rich, Aiden and Cameron.

Charlene, Aiden, Crystal & Jon
Leah, Kyle, Chuck, Debbie, Melissa, Crystal, Jon & Shannon

Madison & Alina
Leah, Scott, Angel & Dale

Uncle Roger, Jackie, Eleanor (with Dale) & Dad
There were a lot of family that weren't able to make it because they were out of town and I had an Aunt who had just gone through surgery.  So, I am thankful for all those who could come and missed those who were unable to make it.

We played a cute game where there all these baby items on the table and you had a little bit to look at them and then they were covered with a table cloth and you had to remember everything that you saw.  It was cute :)

I cannot express how thankful I am for my family and for all they do for us.  This was truly a wonderful experience and we are filled with so much gratitude.  It was unexpected and everything turned out so amazing!  Thank you to everyone who helped plan, I promise nothing went unnoticed.

This is such an amazing time in our lives and we were so glad to share it with you all.  It has taken us a long time to get here and now that we are- it is so very surreal.  We are so thankful for all of the support of both of our families and we couldn't have made it here without all your love, prayers and support. 

Also, I can't forget this picture lol... Madison being consumed by all the balloons before the shower :)   I heard she was a huge help the day of the party- Thanks, Madison!

Other pictures from that day:

I can't believe how fast Madison is growing up! 13!! I fed this girl rice cereal for crying out loud! haha

Blanket help lol  (which BTW- all the detail on it is now done! I put detail on the door on the house and then I stitched a cursive "Adventure is out there!" on the bottom- so cute!!  Just need to bind and back it... waiting to find out genders so I can do that and start a 2nd one!!)

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