Wednesday, August 15, 2012

18 weeks!

*Edit: vote on the poll to the right of what you think we're having!*

Today marks 18 weeks!  Okay, so I feel like I have a zillion weeks to go (not to mention all the lbs I have left to gain) but still- 18wks!  Excitement!

 Blurriest photo ever... sorry about that.  PS: Cutest shirt ever from my mom-in-law, Anne!  

I'm feeling really good.  I can't complain.  I usually need a nap a week lol  I'm still able to get in the pool a few times a week and do some exercise- so that's really good!  I really don't have any food aversions anymore (thank goodness!) and I'm not crazy with cravings all the time.  There have been a few moments of "that sounds really good right now!" and my sweet husband acts on those (because it's usually something he wants too haha).  Let's see... I think I've felt some form of movement.  Then again, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be feeling, so who really knows!  Other than that, life is pretty normal still and I am so thankful for that. 

Here is what "the bump" has to say about this week:

"What the heck is baby doing in there at 18 weeks? A lot! He’s working his muscles and practicing all kinds of moves. (Can you feel them yet?) Over the next few weeks, you should make sure to start sleeping on your side. That’s because baby (and your uterus) are getting big enough to press against large veins in the back of your abdomen, which can reduce the amount of blood going to your heart, making you feel lightheaded, or worse, lowering your blood pressure. Of course, your veins aren’t the only things that are prone to pressure -- you might be too! Not only are you super busy, but you might be having some not-so-fun symptoms, like swollen feet or hands, backaches, leg cramps and nosebleeds. And the stress and discomfort might be keeping you up at night around week 18. Be sure, in your hectic schedule, that you plan some time to unwind. (Great excuse for some pregnancy pampering! Can you say prenatal massage?!) It’s important to give your body and your mind a break for a little while. That just might help you get the sleep you need, too.

Your baby's the size of a sweet potato!
She's about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces now and she keeps on growing rapidly. (That's why you're probably feeling so hungry.)"
Okay.. so I realize this is only talking about one baby... so things might be different.. but eh- whatever.  Technically, we have 11.2" of baby (if we're going off of this info). :)

So, 18 weeks... shouldn't we be finding out what we're having soon??  Heck yes!  We have our anatomy scan on FRIDAY! 2 DAYS AWAY!  I'm dying over here!  I've been trying to fill these last few days with projects and other things to keep me and my mind busy!

Here is one project I completed today!  I started this a little while ago, but ran out of balloons before I was done.  So, I picked up some more balloons today and tada!  I'm quite happy with my balloon wreath.  This will go on the door to the nursery :)  Also, we bought a ceiling fan for the room and Jon and his dad are going to put it in on Friday- yay!

Anyways, back to Friday.  We are going to a specialist instead of our obgyn because they apparently have fancier equipment.   The nurse on the phone told me to expect 1 + 1/2hr for the scan, but I've heard from others that it's closer to 2 hours.  Hopefully I will get to have a bathroom break! The nurse also told me to bring snacks... haha.  Little does she know that I always have a snack or two in my purse at all times- so no worries there :)  So, who knows how long we'll be there.  I'm expecting 3-4 hours (if you include wait time).  

As another side project- I had some help from my brother-in-law to make these awesome scratch tickets.  These will be our gender announcement!  I made the scratch off circles (so easy to make!) that will go on them and I am mailing them out to my family in NH on Friday.  Local family will be finding out on Friday.  So, sadly, I won't have the results on the blog on Friday.  But! I'll post the scratch ticket on here on Friday and then the guessing can begin :)

So, what do you think? 2 boys? 2 girls? One of each?  Vote your guesses on the poll to the right- under the twin gadget :)


Camber said...

Yay, congrats on making it to 18 weeks! Every week feels like such a milestone, huh? Have fun tomorrow at your scan--that'll be SO fun to find out what you're having! I vote one of each :)

Suzana Garrett said...

I predict two boys. Congrats!! Can't wait to hear!

Crashnct said...

Im going to go with two girls

mandybowentx said...

Yep be prepared for 4 hours.... So excited for you and miss you bunchies! take care of your little one(s)?!

Shannon said...

My hope for you is 2 girls.. but if it turns out different I just hope they are healthy. I know you will be happy no matter what.

Shannon said...

My hope for you is 2 girls.. but if it turns out different I just hope they are healthy. I know you will be happy no matter what.