Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NH trip pt 2

Monday morning we headed to breakfast with dad and met Shannon and Ron again.  After breakfast we were going to pick up Scott, Angel and Hunter and head off to the Flume (up in the White Mts).  It's only a 2 mile hike and is very easy.  Dad didn't end up joining us. 

It took us about an hour and a half to get there, but the views were gorgeous!  I miss having mountains and trees!  I absolutely loved it!  I was so excited to bring Jon up there too!

The trail started off near one of those classic New England wooden bridges. 

Here is a picture of all of us:

Along the way there were a lot of wooden walkways and stairs that went right next to the falls.  We were in a sort of gorge and on both sides of us were just huge glacier rock walls.  They were gorgeous and all were covered in vibrant green vegetation and moss.

Angel, Scott and Hunter

Shannon and Ron

Jon and Hunter having fun :)

There was one point in the hike where there was this sign saying "wolf den" and it talked about a small passageway that you could crawl through (in the rock) and you would come out on another part of the trail.  So, all the men had to show off their "manliness" and crawl through hehe!


Where Ron is looking is where you turn to head in the tunnel


We took the hike slow and had a great time together.  Once we were done we found a picnic table in the shade and ate our lunch and then headed back home.

Scott, Hunter, Angel, Crystal, Jon, Shannon and Ron

That night Jon and I got pizza for us, Shannon, Ron and my dad and we watched Star Trek at Shannon's house.  Shannon had never seen it before, so it was fun to hear what she thought afterwards.

Tuesday morning we went to Leah and Logan's house for breakfast.  It was delicious and really great to see them.  We enjoyed the cool weather outside. After we headed back to Dad's house and Jon helped him with a few computer things and then he took us to a nearby mountain: Mt. Uncanoonuk

Then in the afternoon, Ron picked us up and we headed up to Shannon's work to meet her.  We got the grand tour :)  Then we split up.  Shannon and I went to Kohls to shop and Jon went with Ron to one of his private lacrosse sessions.  After, we met for dinner at Mr Mac's.  Ron really wanted to go there- so we figured why not??  I'm always up for mac n cheese!  It was really good too!  Then we headed back to their place, watched the olympics and ended up taking their van back to Dad's house late that night.

Wednesday morning we dropped the van off at Shannon's work and we met her boss.  Then we headed off to Scott's house for breakfast.  Hunter made some amazing pancakes :)  It was delicious as well as our Tuesday breakfast!  Yum!!  After, we took dad home and then Jon and I headed out to meet my bff, Charlene for lunch!  We hit up our old favorite- TGIF!  After we went and got some froyo and hung out for a while catching up.  It was so great to see her.  I wish we lived closer!

After, we headed to Shannon and Ron's to go up the to the beach! Ron had picked up Madison from camp earlier that day, so she was able to come.  It had rained quite a bit and the beach had cancelled their usual Wednesday night fireworks!  Bummer!  So, we just walked around, went into a few stores, at dinner in the car and people watched. 

Jon, Crystal, Ron, Madison and Shannon
After we headed out we went to the "Beach Plum" for ice cream.  Apparently this place was rated #1 for their lobster rolls.  Who knew?  Here I am sitting in the "lobster chair" haha!

We got back to their house and headed back to dad's and we watched some olympics and then headed to bed.

Next post is all about Thursday!


Emily said...

Looks like quite the hike when you are "hiking for three"

Shannon said...

Oh so much fun!! Thanks for posting the memories - you did a great job recounting everything. I'm getting tired just reading it!! Probably why I overslept one morning for work LOL!! Oh well, totally worth it!!
Can't wait for your next post :)