Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NH trip Pt 1.

Last week we spent our time in New Hampshire visiting my family.  We had a wonderful time!  I wish we could have stayed longer, but that's life :)

We got in at 10:45pm on Friday, July 27th.  My dad picked us up at the airport.  We went back to his house and were surprised with my old room being completely redone!  It looked amazing!  I am wishing that we had taken a picture of it.  I just didn't think about it.  Oops!

The next day, Saturday, we went to breakfast with my dad and Eleanor and met Shannon, Ron, Madison, Serena and my Uncle Roger.  From there we decided to go blueberry picking.  Jon had never been, so that was really fun to take him!  He was a bit too tall for all the netting haha!  While blueberry picking we met up with Scott, Angel, Hunter, Jacob and Dale. 

Afterwards, we headed to the grocery store with my sister and her family for some items that we needed for the week.  We had fun hanging out with them and people watching.  After, we headed back to my dad's house for lunch.  When we got there my dad was busy making a fruit salad and we got to making the rest of our lunch.  Then at around 4:30pm we headed out to Litchfield, NH to play mini golf.  It was Jon, me, Dad, Eleanor, Shannon's family and Scott's family.  It was raining out, but we were still able to play.  We had a lot of fun watching the nieces and nephews play.  After we all went out for dinner and ice cream! Yum!

That night Jon and I slept over Shannon and Ron's house so we could take Madison and Serena to their different camps the next day.  Madison headed to lacrosse camp and Serena went to an overnight YMCA camp.  On Sunday, we dropped Madison off first.  It was at a boarding school up north and she had 2 roommates.  She was so excited to be there!  We had lunch in the car and said our goodbyes.  Then off to Serena's camp we went.  We let her show us the way to all the different buildings.  She was so cute!  You could just tell she was bursting with excitement!  We checked her in, found her cabin and got her settled.  We saw the lake there and also the horses.  It was beautiful and it reminded me of my YMCA camp days. 

Later that evening we (Jon, me, Shannon and Ron) met up with Dad and took him out to Bugaboo Creek (steak house).  It was nice to spend time together.  After, we made a quick stop at Target to pick up a few silly items to send in a care package to Serena.  Then we parted ways and headed home.

Next post will start with Monday- our trip to the Flume!  There will be lots of pictures too!

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