Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teaching visit and calendar

My teaching visit was yesterday afternoon.  I probably didn't even really need it because I've been doing injections for my IUIs... but it's always good to have a refresher.  Caitlin (one of the nurses) talked about all my meds and went day by day with me on the calendar.  It was pretty helpful.   After that I signed my consent forms for IVF.  Oh!  One other thing about the teaching visit!  So, the first thing Caitlin brought up was genetic testing.  I've done the disease testing and other testing, but nothing for like cystic fibrosis or stuff like that.  Anyways, she told me that since we've been with them they have started requiring to recommend genetic testing (to cover all their bases for liability reasons- it makes sense).  Anyways, she said that because I've been with them so long that they just "grandfathered" me in the treatments and they never talked to me about it for my IUIs.  I just thought that was funny.

For me personally, I decided to opt out of the genetic testing.  We wanted to have a baby on our own- without help from doctors.  If I didn't have lovely poly cystic ovaries, we would've just sent Jon in to get tested and I would've just done my usual "annual" and that's probably it.  If my baby(ies.. you always have to add that in if you're going IVF lol) has/have a disability- that won't change our love for them.  Any child is a gift and blessing from our Heavenly Father.  Sure, if they have disabilities that might make our lives a little more difficult, but I would never stop and think "oh, if only I had had that genetic testing!"  I realize that there are some cases where this may be necessary if it would cause the baby to not survive the pregnancy or something like that, and I completely respect those who do it- It just wasn't right for us.

Moving on...

For those who know me- you know that I have to always have a plan.  I need to know dates and times.  I have to have organization, people!  This is probably why I love signing up for races when I'm running... I have set workout schedules and a goal date lol!!  However, when you are going through fertility treatments, you don't always know what's going to happen until the night before.  So, now for IVF I have all these tentative dates that could change but might not or some days might be moved and blah blah blah blah... It's going to drive me nuts :)  People have been asking how long I'll be on shots and my answer is always, "I don't know".   They say it could be anywhere from 7-12 days.  That was the number they gave me for IUI too.  I was never consistent.  I had a cycle where I was only on meds for 5 days and there was another time where I took shots (I kid you not) for 18 days.  There is just no way to plan.  So, to have Jon tell his work that he'll be either taking the day off or working from home is a pain- because all he has is a tentative schedule. 

Anyways- because I have nothing exciting to tell you yet- here is my lovely calendar in all its tentative glory- haha.  I'm like ready to break out my color coded high lighters to remind me when what drug starts.  Which BTW- they are not all listed on here.  I apologize for the formatting... the next size down for the picture is too small to read.  The countdown is on!!  Excitement!

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Vanessa said...

Good luck! Sounds like getting all the drugs into you at the right time is half the battle here.