Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doc Appt Yesterday

I had my doc appt yesterday and we are right on schedule :)  My lining is already developing layers (good thing) and my follicles are growing.  My nurse, June did my ultrasound again.  She didn't give me a number of my follicles, but looking at the screen- there were quite a few- all around 10mm.  So, things are looking good.

I got my afternoon call with my results.  I'll only mention my estrogen levels.  They were at 317 and on Thursday last week (12th)  my estrogen was under 20!  The number goes up with follicle growth.  So, with my blood results and what they saw on the ultrasound, I am where they want me (for once!).

Also, during that call they gave me my instructions that I would continue my current dosage for that night (Monday) and today.  For anyone curious, here is a picture of my "daily spread" of meds. A vial of sodium chloride, 2 bravelle's, 1 menopur, needle, syringe, alcohol swabs, and a band-aide.   What fun!

A friend of mine was asking what my medication (bravelle and menopur) looked like.  They're like powder tablets inside of a vial that you have to dilute with sodium chloride.  I tried to take a picture of it.  Don't mind my fingers/hand... lol I am no hand model!

The only change they made in my medications was that with today's dose I am also adding a second shot of a medication called cetrotide (same thing as ganirelix).  This shot is given when I do my other "stimulating" shot of bravelle and menopur.  The cetrotide helps prevent early ovulation and lets my follicles keep cooking!

I'm not sure how long I'll be on cetrotide.  I only was prescribed 6... so it better not be any more than that (I don't want to have to order more lol)!  After my lab results tomorrow I'll hopefully have a better idea.  So I'll know what to do Wed and Thursday and then I'll have another appointment on Friday.  I'm excited for Friday because the husband is coming with me!!  It's so nice to have him come with me.  Maybe I'll bribe him to take a picture of the ultrasound screen... lol.  As you can see, I was too much of a chicken to do it yesterday.

Other than that, we are doing well.  I know we get so wrapped up in this that I forget to write about all the other "cool" stuff we're doing.  You just get so consumed with all of this when you're going through cycles!

We watched the Three Musketeers from RedBox this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised.  I really liked it.  Then again, I came in with low expectations and I had Jon there giving me all the background info from the book.  So, if I didn't have that, I don't know if I would've liked it as much.   

This weekend I also made some lego marshmallow head pops for my nephew's 6th birthday party.  I was so in love with them!  I had so much fun making them and drawing on all the faces.  Esp. the Harry Potter faces! I was like a little kid in the kitchen haha!  Plus, I love choco-covered marshmallows- yum!

Tomorrow after my doctor appt I am headed to the temple to do a session.  It's only 10mins away from my doctor's office.  I try to go after some of my appointments.  I am really looking forward to it.  Hope yal are having a great Tuesday!!

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