Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday and today's appointment

So, I apologize I didn't write about Friday's appointment over the weekend.  Life happens :)  Anyways, just an update, Dr. G was there to do my ultrasound! Yay!  He said everything looked great but he would probably have to move everything forward one day.  So, instead of a Tuesday retrieval, it now looks like it will be Wednesday.  Jon was amazed with how many follicles I had- haha, his eyes were very wide :)  My estrogen levels were at 1444 on Friday- so we're moving right along!  They told me to continue my meds through the weekend and to come back monday morning (today).

I think I really built all of this up in my head to be way worse than it really is.  Sure, I'm uncomfortable at times, but I'm not in terrible pain- thank goodness!  The thought of wearing normal pants and shorts right now isn't pleasant.. but if all I have to really deal with is some discomfort and comfy bottoms- I am A-OK with that! 

My appointment today went well.  My nurse (June) counted 26 follicles.  Out of those 26, she thought about 22 of them are between the sizes of 18-21mm (some even a little larger!), so that's still pretty good :)  They haven't called me yet with my blood work or to tell me if I get to take my HCG trigger shot tonight or if I have to continue my normal meds.  She was pretty positive that they would trigger me tonight and that would have me going in for my egg retrieval on Wednesday and a possible transfer on Monday the 30th (if it's a 5 day transfer)!  I know Jon would love having it on Monday :)  He'd get to work from home Mon-Wednesday :) 

Well, that's all for now!  I am hoping the doctor's office calls me soon!!  I'm dying to find out what the next few days will bring! 

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