Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holy huge ovaries, Batman!

My appointment yesterday went so well!  I need to like knock on wood or something, because this is the first time something hasn't gone wrong to cause my doctor concern.  There was an IUI cycle I had that I didn't blog about where the head doctor of the whole clinic got involved because I was growing too many follicles and they triggered me early because it would be "unsafe to continue medications".  So, I guess that's why I go into every cycle with a ton of nerves.  So here I am a week into shots and there has been nothing that has gone wrong!  Yahoo!  When the nurse called me yesterday with my results, she told me that Dr. G was so surprised with how well I was doing.. lol... See, I told you something always goes wrong!  She also told me that my estrogen levels more than doubled since Monday.  So, yesterday they were at 675 :)  I am hoping to see a big number tomorrow!

Anyways, my ultrasound was a lot longer yesterday because the nurse had to count and measure all my follicles.  Then, one of my ovaries decided to hide behind my uterus making it really hard to see on the ultrasound... nice.  The nurse told me that I have a few measuring at 12mm but others are at 11 and that's where they wanted me at the moment.   Anyways, after the ultrasound was over and my nurse was walking out of the room she was like "oh, by the way... I counted 23 follicles... and I think there were a few more that I couldn't get to because of the whole ovary behind the uterus thing.." and she was just beaming ear to ear lol. 

I also asked how large they want my follicles to get before triggering and she said 18-21mm.  So, pretty much the same as IUI.. but holy cow.. 23 (possibly more) follies getting that large... woah baby.

So, backing up a second here to do some explaining... 23 follies is wonderful! However, the downside is that not all of those eggs will fertilize- they usually hope for half of them to fertilize.  Then, there's always the case of having non-viable eggs.  So, I'm crossing my fingers here for lots of viable eggs and if we really do have 23 eggs, I am hoping for 12-14 to fertilize.  That would be wonderful.  Then once they fertilize, some don't fertilize well and can't be used.  So, the more eggs you have that fertilize, the better shot you have at having at least a few nice embryos to be transferred (and hopefully some to be frozen). 

I know this is boring.. but stay with me here!  Jon is always asking me how I'm feeling and up until yesterday afternoon my answer was "I'm doing great.  The discomfort comes and goes but nothing terrible."  Now... I am super uncomfortable all of the time!  I can still move around and do normal things, but I find that I have to take it easy, move a little slower and take a break here and there.  I feel so lame!  I'm not even pregnant!  Oh well.  I guess the best way to describe it is that I feel like I have two very full water balloons that I'm sitting on and it's just a bunch of pressure and some pain here and there.  Lovely.  I have a feeling that this is only going to get worse over the weekend.  I really don't mind though, because it means that my body is doing what it is supposed to and I am BEYOND excited for this whole thing!

So, bring on the weekend!  Jon and I are probably just going to sit around and be lazy together :)  He has been so great for this whole process.  He's so concerned and he tries to make sure I'm not overdoing anything.  It's really cute and I am so thankful for him :)  My next appointment is tomorrow and Jon is coming with me!

Tomorrow we'll probably find out when my retrieval will be.  I'm expecting it to be on Tuesday and then my transfer to be on Friday.  That could change though.  Either way, here's to a week full of yoga pants and exercise shirts, watching movies, inviting friends over to entertain me while I'm on bedrest lol and of course... being lazy (just kidding.. it's not lazy when it's mandatory!) 

See, Sookie is already settling in to that idea :)  And yes.. she's totally on her back and belly to the sky.. maybe she's practicing how to plank.. albeit upside down but it still looks like planking haha!  so.FLUFFY!


Katja said...

So, I hope you don't mind me asking a question. I don't know anything about this stuff.
So they fertilize your eggs and once they are fertilized and an embryo is growing they will implant it? How many eggs are implanted, if that is even the right word? Sorry, but I am just interested.

Weenigs on the Web! said...

WoW thats so soon! Awesome!

Shannon said...

Fingers are crossed!

Lisa said...

Hey Crystal, I've been following your blog so I thought I should leave a comment. I hope everything goes well over the next while and we'll be thinking of you guys. What an exciting time!

George & Amanda Ballew said...

I'm sending a million prayers your way! Everything sounds really hopeful! Love you!

Crystal said...

Aw, thanks everyone :)

Katja- after they go in and get all of the eggs they fertilize them. Then depending on how many fertilized eggs you have, you will either have them transferred into the uterus 3 to 5 days after the retrieval. I guess you can call it implanting, but there's still a chance the egg won't implant.

The number of embryo's range from 2-4 that they put in. It depends on a lot of different factors- one being age. Because I'm under 35, I will mostly likely have no more than 2 embryos put in.

Hope that made sense?

Katja said...

That does make sense. I'm just amazed that they are already embryos by that point, because embryo to me means little, tiny baby. That is so cool that they can do that. Good luck and we will be praying for you!
So then if it doesn't work they hopefully still have eggs from this cycle and they just need to transfer them next cycle, right? I'm amazed at modern medicine!

Camber said...

Good luck, Crystal! That's so great and encouraging that it's going well so far. And yes, you want as many follicles as possible, so good job! It can get a little uncomfortable! But it's kind of fun to be ordered to be lazy, isn't it? :)