Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Egg retrieval tomorrow!

I finally got my phone call... at 4pm!  Made me wait long enough ;)  jk  Anyways, I am scheduled for my egg retrieval for tomorrow morning.  I am now waiting for the surgical center to call me today to give me more information on what time we will need to get there.  As of right now, the procedure will start at 9:30am, but we'll need to be there earlier obviously.

Then the nurse told me that I am showing signs of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).  Wonderful.  So, they've put me on a new medication for the next week to help reduce the risks as a precaution.  I won't lie, I am really nervous, but I am trying really hard to just view this a just a small bump in the road and that I'll get through it.  I am really thankful for my doctor and that he was able to catch this early on and do something about it.

I know some of you have heard this already.. but I just think it's funny.  When I picked up my new medication I noticed a lot of weird warnings on the info sheet.  So, it talks about not driving a car while taking the medication.  Then it goes on to say that "some patients taking this have developed certain behavioral changes... Such as increased gambling urges..."  So, what does that supposed to mean?? I'm not allowed to drive because otherwise I'm just going to drive down to the gas station and raid all their scratch tickets?? haha.  Weird.  Better keep all cash out of my reach! :)

Speaking of the surgical center (above) they just called me.  One of those phone calls where I had to answer a zillion questions of my history, medications, previous surgeries.. etc.  She asked for my height and weight...  I told her "4'11"" and I'm not kidding with this next part... but she laughed! She was laughing for a few seconds and then just said.. "sorry, I just don't meet people under 5 feet!"  Who says that???  Then, I had to talk her into letting us come earlier for part of it.  She wasn't too happy with that, but I don't care.  So, it looks like we need to be there by 7:45am. 

Wish us luck!

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~Chelle-Belle~ said...

Good Luck! I hope everything goes perfectly for you guys.