Friday, April 13, 2012

Perfect ultrasound and Holy Drogas, Batman!!

I had my baseline appointment yesterday morning.  Good ol' ultrasound and blood work as usual.  I just have to say- I love the nurses that work in my doctor's office.  They are so sweet.  My favorite nurse, June came in to do my ultrasound.  She walked in and was all smiles and just told me how excited she was that we have finally gotten here to do IVF.

One word for my ultrasound: perfect.

It couldn't have been better.  Normally there are issues with my lining being too thick or that I have one weird follicle that never fizzled out and it's a little larger than expected. Because of that, the nurses are crossing their fingers that my estrogen levels are low enough to start medications. So, I went in feeling a little nervous, but this time I had thin lining and lots of very small follicles!! June might've given me a high five lol and she cheered with the other nurses.  It just made me feel good and very hopeful.

June called me in the afternoon telling me that Dr. G looked over my results (ultra and blood) and said we had the green light to start shots (woo woo!) and Jon had to start his doxycycline (2x/day for 5 days).  She gave me my dosage for my shots and as I wrote it down, I felt a little overwhelmed lol...  2 vials of Bravelle mixed with 1 vial of Menopur.  The menopur is a new medication for me and the bravelle, I've done with each IUI cycle- so nothing new.  However, I have never done more than 1.5 vials of bravelle in one shot.  Normally it's always 1 vial of bravelle mixed with the saline solution and that's it.  When I did the 1.5 vials- it was only for like 2 days.  All I have to say is.. holy drogas, batman!!!  I definitely feel like a potions master :)

I took my 2nd shot tonight and I'm already starting to feel stuff going on down low. Yikes!  My next appointment is on Monday and I'm really interested to see the ultrasound! If I didn't feel so weird about it, I might take a picture of the ultrasound screen with my phone to show follicle growth.  Let's be honest, I've been in their office for over a year now.  There's no more sense shame anymore lol there's no privacy either! So, maybe I will take a picture :)

In other good news, Jon and I are Aunt and Uncle again :)  Jon's brother, Jeff and his wife Vanessa had an adorable baby boy this week.  This is #13 overall (niece/nephew) for me.  He's the 3rd grandchild on Jon's family side.  My brother, Scott and his wife Angel are due with a baby boy at the end of May.  So exciting!

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Thanks for posting this. It is really interesting, good luck with everything!