Monday, October 24, 2011

We survived!!

This picture was taken before we headed into the IUI procedure on Sunday. 

We got to the doctor's at 8am.  They needed to collect a sample before we did the IUI.  However, being Sunday, they were short staffed.  There was only one nurse who was there that acted as the receptionist and then there were only 2 doctors.  We didn't end up getting called back into the examination room until 9:30am.   I was a little nervous but I figured that I had been giving myself shots for the last week and that I could do this no sweat.  I was just so thankful that Jon was there.  It really made it so much easier.

One of the Dr's came in.  One of whom I've never met- Dr. Williams.  He was really nice and friendly.  The nurse was in the room too and she came over and showed me the vial of the sample just to confirm my name and birthdate... didn't want to end up with someone else's sample!!  Jon and I joked about that last week.  "what if they mix up samples and we have an asian baby??"  Haha... you never know.. it could happen! 

Jon was able to be in the room and he had his own seat in the corner of the room.  The doctor went ahead and started (like you would your anual exam) and the look on Jon's face was priceless when the doctor showed him the speculum.  He just looked horrified.  After, he said that it looked like a torture device.  Then the doctor showed us the catheter that he was using and explained everything.  The whole procedure took only a minute and I kid you not, other than the speculum... I didn't feel a thing.  After it was over I had to lay there for about 15mins.  They set a kitchen timer so we would know when to leave. 

Then thismorning, Anne (Jon's mom) was able to come with me.  I was really thankful to have her there with me.  The same thing went down for the IUI but it was another doctor (Dr. Witz) that I barely met yesterday when I was leaving the clinic place.  He was really funny.  He came in and introduced himself and then was talking to the nurse.. I wasn't sure when to introduce Anne, so I just waited a little as he was getting siutuated.  Then, Anne introduced herself and he looked at the both of us and he said:

 "this is one of the reason's why I love my job.  You get to tell people, 'my mom was there when I got pregnant!' or in this case 'my husband's mom was there'" 

 Anne and I cracked up laughing. 

Again, I had to verify the sample vial and they showed me the catheter and then it was over.   I was grateful that both doctors made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  I wasn't stressed out and I am hoping that this will bode well. 

I know that I have been very open about documenting this and you are all going to be dying to find out what the results are.  I haven't made up my mind what to do about that.  I do know that having a miscarriage is a very real possibility or even a negative outcome is a possibility... but for me, writing this all down has been been very therapeutic.  So, we will see.  I will go back in on November 7th for a pregnancy test.  Then I will decide what to write on the blog. 

November 7th... heh, that's the morning we leave for the cruise.  So we'll go to the dr's office and then head to Galveston to get on the boat.  They will call us in the early afternoon so we won't miss the call :)  The boat doesn't leave until 4pm.  This will either be a celebration or mourning cruise.  Either way, it is going to be a fantastic vacation that we so very need.  Jon especially!!  With all his travelling, he just needs down time where he can't be reached by phone, text or e-mails for work. 

2 weeks!!! :) 


Rachel said...

So I think I've only talked with Crystal once, but I hope it all works! You guys will be amazing parents. Even if it is an asian baby.

Vanessa said...

I think the timing of the cruise is great. No matter what you will be together without any real world connections for the week. That is great. Now the trick will be keeping yourself occupied until the next visit. Good luck.

The Miguel Family said...

Good luck with everything C! It is really fun about the mother in law being there when you got pregnant thing. Thinking of you.

BrittWilk said...

can't wait to hear! good luck good luck!!

Shaun and Kelli said...

Crystal, what an experience!! That's funny about your mom-in-law being there. At least Jon was there with you on Sunday too. Thanks for posting this so I can keep tabs on what's been going on. I'll keep you in my prayers! Hope all goes well! Good thing for the cruise, then you have an excuse not to tell people right away... I'm praying for you! hugs!

Weenigs on the Web! said...

I hope it's a celebration cruise! Either way, no work calls or emails, that's something to celebrate!

Stephanie Autry said...

It is true, you both will be great parents. Sending hugs your way. Good luck and have a Fabulous time on your cruise!!!

Allie said...

Good luck! I hope the cruise will be good no matter the outcome. Whenever you decide to tell we'll all be thinking of you!

Camber said...

Good luck! That's funny that Jon called the speculum a torture device--kinda true! And have fun on your cruise, whether it's a mourning cruise or a celebration cruise :)